Farm Heroes Saga Level 716

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 716Level 716 is a complex level in this last episode of Farm Heroes Sagagame. In 17 moves, which might seem to not be enough, have to pick 1 sheep, 1 spider, 4 poppy flowers and 95 onions.
Is a complex level and require “multitasking” You need to distribute you attention to bull, sheep and spider. To make crop fall easily, try to pick poppy flowers as soon as possible. Start with the one placed on same row with your bull and, that means to match crops in front of it, on row and not column. Stept two is matching crops above the bull, on row, to make it go up and pick the other poppy flower. Next step is to match on column in front of bull, for each flower left on that row.
Meanwhile, try to move your sheep and crack the web around the spider. If you have done picking poppy flowers, can use the bull to destroy spider web by hitting it. Avoid matching crops around spider, on upper side of board, before collecting all poppy flower because you might move it in a wrong direction and that means you lost the game. If that happen is better abandon the game and start over.
Use shovels to crack the web for allowing to crops fill empty spaces or to remove unwanted crops if can make a good match. Matching +5 will help you a lot with anions and, also cracking spider webs. When board is cleared, onions tend to match themselves and increase their value too.
Try to keep the sheep on same row. If is not possible, struggle not move it far from lower or upper row (bellow or above the row it already is).

Like almost all levels from this episode, level 716 is not making exception on being hard. You will need lot of lives, patient and luck with getting a nice board to pass it.


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