Farm Heroes Saga Level 728

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 728Farm Heroes Saga Level 728 is requiring to pick in 21 moves, 4 fireflies, 1 chick, 110 apples and 110 carrots.
Match crops in the middle of the board for allowing crops to match while falling. Is the best way to score in a single move. While crops are falling you gather needed crops, your fireflies are opening and chickens start to lay eggs. Concentrate on crops but keep an eye on fireflies too. If they start open, match careful to not close the opened ones. If you are close to open all but not having proper moves, use shovel to hit them and pick them.
Once you picked fireflies start taking care of eggs. Match around chickens but look closer to your board and match everything valuable.
Level 728 is the easiest level of episode 46. Have fun with it!

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  1. This video is completely different board than what i got. The way this board is set up seems passable not the board i got. Been on it for weeks. Have done updated bit still different. Come on king sort this out. Im over it. Cya bye

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