Farm Heroes Saga Level 80

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 80 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Group at Facebook

Farm Heroes Saga Level 80, requirements:

  1. Match 30 of each apples,
  2. carrots,
  3. suns
  4. and also make 2 chicks within only 14 moves!

Darm Heroes Saga 80 Level DesignIn the pic you can see how easily in few moves you can match 3 cracked eggs to get 1 chick so there is no problem to collect. Maybe you will have trouble collecting apples, suns and carrots because you have only 14 moves. Try to match on the grass for more points, and this is truly a hard level so if you have the hard core boosters charged just use them!

Video gameplay for Level 80 in Farm Heroes Saga uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Otherwise you will survive with the help of only shovels, you do know that you can buy shovels with Magic Beans?


4 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 80

  1. Level 80 is impossible. Taking the fun out of the game. Either install more carrots, green tomatoes, and sun .,Or give us more moves. Ready to delete the game because of days of frustration.

  2. Ready to delete farm heros because of level 80. Impossible to score required items in 14 moves. Takes the fun out of the game when you play for days and can never score.

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