Farm Heroes Saga Level 98

Farm Heroes Saga Level 98, tricks and tips by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

In level 98 you have 22 moves to match and collect 70 suns and blue droplets. You also have those grumpy cropsies so try to avoid them or use the grass to make them happy again. With matching 4 or more same veggies you will increase your number on the suns and blue droplets.

If you have a lot of grumpy cropsies in the middle that can’t be cleaned on the grass, you can try to get to a state in the game where you can’t make any more matches, then the game will automagically rearrange the elements and some of the grumpy cropsies will get a new placement of n the grass to get cleaned up! :D

Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga have all videos for Farm Heroes Saga, please subscribe to get the new ones we add! Our policy is to add something for every Level as fast as we can, sometimes with the better boosters that recharges but when we master a level for real, we add the non booster/only shovels video too! :-)

Upper Video by Lea with shovels and lower video by Lynette with one Tractor Booster and shovels.

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  1. how can any one get off this level when its only four apples an ten is needed to finish level if not fixed i will do like other players stop playing games thankyou

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