Farm Heroes Saga Level 99

Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 99Moves: 14
Needed 5 apples, 40 droplets, 40 suns.
To get the 5 apples you need, you have to build up the value of them. You do this by making matches next to the apples with other crops. The more you match, or the more combinations you can make in one go, the more value your apples have.
The only problem we have here, are the water barrels. As you are making matches, your water is being moved up, and then it will jump out. If you are not careful, it will jump on your apples and swallow them.
Even if this happens though, all is not lost. Because if you have a high value on any remaining apples, just use your shovels to remove them.
Be careful to keep an eye on the remaining crops that you need, making sure that you match the higher value cropsies first.

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New video for new level 99

Old videos for old level 99

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5 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 99

  1. These vidoes are a waste of time because we don’t start every game the same. I’ve not once had the same fruit in the same place at the beginning of a game :(

  2. how do you know when you can use green apples to get numbers for clear field, never get enough not sure when can use apples. water eats apples in short time. do you have percent field to get apples.

  3. I never seem to have the same scenario that the video shows. Even if I get ten apples then I lack in the sun or the water. Or the water eats up the apple!I have no shovels!

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