Farm Heroes Saga Level 220

Farm Heroes Saga Level 220 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

30 moves
50 carrots
50 apples
50 water drops

Rascally rabbit is back so grab your carrots as soon as you can, because with the grumpy carrots, there is not so many left to collect, and having that pesky rabbit collecting them for you isn’t really paying off. ;-)

Grumpies have resurfaced.
Make your matches near the rabbit, or just bash him over the head with a shovel to stun him, if you are feeling especially mean 

A patience level again. Keep at it, it will come!

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The original Farm Heroes Saga has came to its End.


The moderator cat lad at can tell us that the Flash Player as app format for further Farm Heroes Saga development will not be worked on for other than fatal errors and small bug fixes.

The flash version of Farm Heroes Saga features 2825 levels of the original Farm Heroes Saga game. You can currently access them by playing in the Kingdom. You should be able to join your progress from Facebook easily at a PC/laptop by syncing your accos.

farm heroes saga is ported and bridged all over ebery device

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