Farm Heroes Saga Rancid, the Racoon! (Tips, scoring etc…)

Farm Heroes Saga Rancid, the Racoon!

rancid-the-racoon-purple-textI like to compare the Rancid levels to boss fights in the legendary Nintendo game Mario Bros. Usually the (purple) Rancid Levels are much harder levels then the other ones and the scoring is also different. Only lvl 10, lvl 21 and lvl 152 can be considered as easy Rancid, the Racoon levels to play in Farm Heroes Saga.

When you start a Rancid level he will jump down off his mixer with an evil laugh and scare everyone else away! While playing the Rancid strength meter will gradually go down to zero percent and then Rancid will be defeated! When Rancid is defeated you get extra score for moves unused.

You are supposed to be able to hit Rancid with a harder Damage by using Magic beans. This is however EXTREMELY CONFUSING. Like Level 111, pointed out by Jennifer A. Many thanks to Timothy S for sharing your insights for Level 111.

I tested Timothy’s tips and could indeed see a difference on how many % had been dropped from the “Rancidometer”, After removing ~20 cropsies I had 72% damage left with the +2 Extra Damage and 83% left after removing cropsies without any extra damage.

So the scoring depends on how many matches you have behind you. A clean match of 3 makes 2% damage in the beginning. A clean match with +2 Damage makes 3% in the beginning. But when the game goes forward I have managed to get up to 10% damage with clean matches of 3. (with clean I mean no plus signs in the lower right hand corner of the element, the plus signs don’t seem to be important at all at Rancid Levels.)

Your total score when you have defeated Rancid is depending on how many moves you had left when rancid was defeated.

I promise that I will update this post with more accurate facts as soon as someone tell me them or when I figure out more myself.

Rancid_levelsCurrent (July 16th -13) Rancid, the Racoon (Boss) Levels in Farm Heroes Saga are

  1. Farm Heroes Saga Level 10
  2. Farm Heroes Saga Level 21
  3. Farm Heroes Saga Level 33
  4. Farm Heroes Saga Level 53
  5. Farm Heroes Saga Level 63
  6. Farm Heroes Saga Level 78 
  7. Farm Heroes Saga Level 91
  8. Farm Heroes Saga Level 97
  9. Farm Heroes Saga Level 111
  10. Farm Heroes Saga Level 120
  11. Farm Heroes Saga Level 142
  12. Farm Heroes Saga Level 152
  13. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  14. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  15. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  16. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  17. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  18. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  19. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  20. Farm Heroes Saga Level
  21. Farm Heroes Saga Level

Dämit. I just have to have one last word about one issue…. The spelling format seems to bother me a lot. :lol: This is my website, so I can shout as much as I want about it! 8)


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