Farm Heroes SUPER Saga Level 228

Farm Heroes SUPER Saga Level 228 with tips and tricks by the helpful admin Charlie in  Farm Heroes SUPER Saga ALL help. was a good game. A new personal high for me on level 228, no boosters. I think it could have been a little better but I sped things up a bit for video. I’m still real happy with it. In order to get the nut to Fidget you have to take out the 6 pack of flowers in the middle or enough of them anyway. But before that, or at the same time, you have to knock holes in the flower side walls to let cropsies in. Some nice combos. Just after the three minute mark there is one of those weird shaped 6 combos in tomatoes that clears the
screen of a color like the 5 banana combo did just before it. Good “Show Time” at the end too.

This video walkthrough for Farm Heroes SUPER Saga Level 228 will give you some cheat peaks for solving Farm Heroes SUPER Saga Level 228 by yourself.

the Requirements for Farm Heroes SUPER Saga Level 228 are to collect 50 of each vropsies: apples, bananas and water drops. Further more you need to get the nut from the lower right side to the upper left corner so that Fidget can have a feast on it.

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