New Feature – Charms List

In-Level List of Charms

Many players are pissed off by these icons. But some playeras have turned this to a festure instead of an annoying thing. If you keep the mouse pointer just a few pixels more to the left than you are used to, the icons don’t get in the way and additionally they provide a great help when you need to adjust your aim doing bankshots via the right wall! The downside is that you start shooting like crap when you do angle shots via the left wall though… ;-P

All Charms that can be activated when you are playing a Level are now listed at your right hand for easy overview. Those Charms that you own and that are activated are green. The Charms that you have chosen to disable are greyed out and the Charms you haven’t yet purchased are labelled with a little cute price tag. In he attached picture you see a disabled owned Charm of Insurance on top and an active Charm of Precision at the bottom.

The numbers beside the Charms indicates how many times the Charm can be used every round when purchased.

Hover over a Charm to get a brief description of it’s features.

5 thoughts on “New Feature – Charms List

  1. nice why for king to make easy purchases.well guys if you like chalenge no charms,but if you stuck or if you want own the game they very nice toys I own 9 myself

    • You need to train to have the mouse pointer a little bit more to the left than earlier. You can do it! As a bonus they are good to calibrate your aim when you get used to them!

  2. Sometimes I see the charms on the screen and sometimes I don’t. Is there a toggle to view them?


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