Finally THEY ARE HERE! Pile up your Potions to DEFEAT the Shadow Lords!

Bubble Witch Saga Shadow Lord Levels 336 – 340


I had Lady Luck on my side here, the Magic Potion 3 holes in the ceiling didn’t remove anything that would have compromised my gaming, but a few others have walked right into the BOMB TRAP, that we indeed can be certain that exists very very much on purpose. ;-)

After many boring weeks of waiting they finally are here, the boss levels! I have played only 3 of them myself, but love all of what I have played! It is late night here where I live now, I was pre-occupied with real life stuff (why is that always meddling with my gaming anyway? ;-) ) so I think I’ll leave the two last levels until tomorrow.

I really like the fresh look with the score bar up high, more visible and I have indeed been waiting for that little button that let us send lives to all in the list. The NEW “Send to All”-button is located below the high score list at your right hand side on the same screen where you buy the Magic Potions.

…and?! Am I imagining stuff, or is it a bit faster to load the game? I really don’t have a timer, so I wouldn’t know, but sometimes earlier my computer (well, the processor in it, but anyway…) started to work much harder when I loaded the game and now it seem to be more comfortable loading the game, not only in Chrome, but also in Firefox! :D

I have uploaded my first stars to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe for more! =)

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One thought on “Finally THEY ARE HERE! Pile up your Potions to DEFEAT the Shadow Lords!

  1. Now what!!! No score and no scoring goals? I don’t think wants anyone to play this game anymore.

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