Admin Guidelines and Tips for Facebook groups

These are guidelines for what to do out in the Facebook Groups we are adminning. We do as much as we have time to/want to. There is no minimum time to be put in. 

Local differences specifically to that group may vary.  These are generic Comfie Guidelines for ALL FB groups that are included in the Blogging Witches Network.

Admins does not get paid, but can be gifted tiny amounts of real cash or gift cards to be used mainly for in-game purchases in King games. Small gifts are shipped to Admins sometimes.

  • timeline-poker-scamAdd applying members to the group, as the Groups requires Admin approval. We do not add fresh accos(under a month old) nor accos w/o avatars, unless a special consideration have taken place. Check the applying people’s timelines, if they belong to more than 100 groups the account may be a fake, also deny if the app in the pic is shown on their Timeline.
  • Accept people’s posts accordingly to each groups internal guidelines.
  • Never accuse any member of being a cheater or a hacker in the group, we can discuss it privately, but cheaters/hackers seldom admit to what they are up too and it is REALLY bad when someone is accused publicly and their oddly high score is because of changes in game so scoring have been changed for a level or if they have experienced a glitch.
  • Keep track of members that are banned from the group. When we ban/kick a member, we provide a link to that members profile for the rest of the admins knowledge. Don’t ban members for a one time violation, please, they usually learn after the first time if one pm and explain why their post have been removed.
  • Welcome new members In A Friendly Polite Manner, if your group has many new members every day, do not write individual welcome posts for all members.
  • Watch Out For Spammers. A spammer is  someone that
  1. posts malicious links in the group, there is no such thing as 200 dollar worth facebook gift cards, SHOE SPAM, porn or gold bar spam and anything that is like those mentioned. We delete messages like this. If ther is child porn involved we screen cap the message before deleting.
  2. Posting freebie links for items in the games are not allowed, unless it is clear that any freebie is made within the game. (copy/pasted coin links are okey)
  3. OR post several “ADD ME’s” within a day. Feel free to delete every extra add-me posts without further discussions needed.

We don’t teach or let people spread the techniques on howto exploit any bug that we might encounter. Instead we investigate the bug and if we can show it and repeat it, we inform the developers about the glitches.

  • We Enjoy The King Games!!! 

Whenever someone ask for help with the game, answer in your own words or post an accurate link to the blog. Here is the video for howto post links.



The LEAST HELP everyone should get is that “All levels are covered in the Photos/Files/Pinned post accordingly to local group practice.” So that is what we write, if we don’t have time or feel to give any long specific answers or do fancy linking. :)