Found a Bug…. Made a 7 700 One Click Coins Button!

Bubble Witch Saga One Click Coins

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Hi, these coins we publish today are partially different from other coins that we have given you so far. I found numerous of changes in the Halloween feature release, every change not that good. But King.Com’s Devs also sneaked in a quite nice bug feature. You can now play many of the Levels that ENDS IN 5 in Witch Country and Shadow Realm and post 500 coins to your wall feed whenever you beat your own old score! So these coins are made while searching for more evidence about this new  feature. You can CHAT about this awesome feature in the group. It isn’t all done investigated yet…

Let’s start out with the bonuses. They are posted first, because many of us want to collect some coins manually before setting the one click button off, as it opens and close the game 16 times by itself. You then might loose some friend requests, so it is good to answer those before clicking the Button.

  1. 350 Free Coins (not from Public Feed)
  2. 500 Free Coins (not from Public Feed)
  3. 250 Free Coins (not from Public Feed)
  4. 500 Free Coins (not from Public Feed)

The button tech is custom made for the Blogging Witches by Jari (tumba25) Kanerva.

Button has been removed, as the links goes old in 7 days, please use the this link to look for fresh coins.
… or collect from the daily bonus stream.

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