Pet Rescue – Find FREE Hammers and Coins gifted by your Friends

Pet Rescue Saga – Find the lost Block Buster Boosters and Coins that was gifted TO YOU by your Friends at Facebook!

We have recently seen an AWESOME change in Pet Rescue Saga. King is finally killing off the dreadful tech they used earlier and replacing it with modern html5 implementations and alongside that a whole bunch of great new features, such as Mystery Mountains Bonus Levels for Facebook Pet Rescue Saga gamers, not only for Android and the Panda Party amongst others.

But we can no longer get and gift Hammers and Coins to our friends at Facebook, that is a feature reserved for the flash version of Pet Rescue Saga.

Fortunately, you can still use that Pet Rescue Saga feature temporarily to obtain your Pet Rescue Saga coins and boosters

free block buster booster aka hammers for pet rescue saga 2017 2018 new flash html5 fallback

Update the pet rescue saga facebook gaming page/Click on the link over and over again to send out many block buster boosters!!!!

that have been sent to you from friends. Just Click the link below to go to the Pet Rescue Saga Game at Facebook in flash mode and you will get what have been sent to you from flash mode!!! It may be very slow to load the game in flash mode and you also might get an advertisement to install Facebook Gameroom. NOTE that you DO NOT get any coins or hammers in Gameroom because Gameroom use the html5 version. Also note that any lives sent to you for the session when you load the flash version might get lost.

The link to get your Pet Rescue Saga gifts:

What I did in a watch-it walkthough:

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