Friends missing issue

There have come to my attention that sometimes when you load the app Bubble Witch Saga on Faceboook you do not see your friends at all. There is a condition where you cannot click on any hearts to send, neither receive any gifts, just empty spaces where your facebook friends should be. This is probably some kind of loading issue or a problem with the sync between Bubble Witch Saga and facebook. Fortunately for us players this is easily fixed by refreshing the application page on facebook. You can left click your mouse in your browser and choose “Refresh” or you can use the function key F5 to achieve the same result. If reloading the app doesn’t fix the issue, it would be a good idea clear your cache, as I told how to in the earlier post about loading issues.

[ update 30.12.2011 ] If you have more than four friends stuck at the same level, someone of them will temporarily “disappear” from the Saga map. They’ll show up again, when the friends move on at the map.

Happy Bubbling!

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  1. I passed level 55 and the next day i went to play level 56 i click on it and nothing happens, I click on other levels i have passes and nothing pops up! i have tried removing the app and getting it back updating flash player everything! it even happens on a different computer! how do you fix this?

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