If your game is not loading properly, there are a couple of things you can do. 


You must keep your BROWSER clean in order for it to run at an optimum level.

To do this you must clean your cache on a regular basis.
If you find your game will NOT LOAD or it is slow and
sluggish, use the appropriate link below:
After cleaning, please restart your Browser.
If you are using Internet Explorer then I recommend you change to GOOGLE CHROME.
Internet Explorer (IE) is bug-ridden and a much slower browser. However, if you wish to keep it then I strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version and that you have current updates.

Where to clean browser in Chrome:

How to clean cache in Chrome


After you clean your browser, if the game is still not working properly, try doing a
FULL SHUTDOWN of your computer,
Wait a few minutes; then restart.
This gives it a chance to totally clear all the temporary memory so that it can work more efficiently.

Why do we ask that you Clear Cache and
Shut Down your computer? 

Cache is like a little memory bank in your Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome). You have one in all parts of your computer as well, but the one we are talking about is the cache in your Browsers.EVERY TIME YOU VISIT A SITE, this little memory adds to the cache and sits there waiting to be used the next time you visit rather than start from scratch.If cache clogs up my system – why do I need it at all?
Well, it is designed to make your web surfing faster because your system uses the cache to
load previously visited pages.It’s a bad thing when it has been collecting thousands of data bits and is never cleared. Your computer becomes slow and sluggish and basically does not perform as it should. Clearing cache it gives it a fresh start AND in the case of when you have issues, it will
STOP sending you to the cached version of that page
and actually go to the site from scratch.Why do we ask you to do perform a full SHUT DOWN?
Every computer has memory. Each time a program (software) is activated it is using up memory. Every time you copy and paste, you are using up memory. All those little programs that start up when you start up your computer are using up memory. Unless you completely SHUT DOWN and release all the memory, your computer, over time (depending on your usage and your programs accessed) will slow down the performance
time of your games.NOTE: A reboot does NOT release the memory.
Only a full SHUT DOWN will do that.So if your game is not working as it should or if Adobe Flash is crashing,

nine times out of ten it will be that your cache needs clearing and your system needs a Shut Down.

If clearing your cache and performing a full Shut Down
does not solve the problem, then go to


If the game is still not working properly, run a FULL VIRUS SCAN for unknown viruses and/or trojans. These can prevent your game from loading. Use good anti-virus software and make sure it has current
virus/trojan definitions.

(Please do not ask for a recommendation of software.)

Written by Victoria Muller
Victoria’s Art Page, All Coins Page on Facebook


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