Get 5000 coins in one click!

Bubble Witch Saga One Click coins

Button has been removed, as the coins links goes old in 7 days, please use the this link to look for fresh free coins for Bubble Witch Saga.
… or collect from the daily bonus stream.

You really, really like coins, don’t you? :) As far as all the “Likes” tell me you do. Thank you for the “Likes” on the last all-in-one click coins button for 4000 coins! <3

Well, that is good, as here come some more! Just click the button included and let it do it’s Magic to get 5000 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga!

I suggest that you load your Bubble Witch Saga Game at Facebook at least once before you hit the one-click button. This way you get to answer some cached requests from friends before you load the game several times in a short while. You can do so by hitting one of these standalone coin posts.
1) 500 free coins 2) 200 free coins

Another good way not to miss any requests is to adjust the button’s second amount to bee long enough to return the requests from your friends.

Here is how this goes:

  1. Choose the time Bubble Witch Saga needs to load on your computer in seconds, coins will be added about 1-4 seconds AFTER you got the Saga Map visible.
  2. Click the button that states “Collect”. A new tab will open up and load the game several times to give you coins each time, DO NOT CLOSE that tab, as that will stop the collecting.

You need to have Bubble Witch Saga installed at Facebook and be logged into facebook at a PC or Mac to use this All in one Click Coins button.

These coins are provided by Angie Hirzmann and the button tech is custom made for the Blogging Witches by Jari (tumba25) Kanerva. Thank you Angie & Jari! <3

links and buttom removed, as they went old

[UPDATE] The total amount of “Likes” for this button and the 4500 coins button will determine how many coins will be included in the button posted Monday 24 Sept.
Here are the links from the button as standalone links, if you prefer to collect manually. Unfortunately these can not be used to check against the button, even if they are the same, as the Baroness (I am so glad to have a cat to blame! :D) had them go through an automated editor.

  1. 500 free coins made by Angie
  2. 500 free coins made by Angie
  3. 500 free coins made by Angie
  4. 500 free coins made by Angie
  5. 500 free coins made by Angie 
  6. 500 free coins made by Angie
  7. 500 free coins made by Angie
  8. 500 free coins made by Angie
  9. 500 free coins made by Angie
  10. 500 free coins made by Angie

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    • DO you mean that you can collect with your iPhone from the links? I was in the believe that they don’t work at all on iPhones!!!

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