Get the OFFICIAL guide for Bubble Witch Saga!

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mzl.immvcqwz.120-120Bubble Witch Saga Official Guide now available on AppStore

I was asked to help out with the Official Guide for Bubble Witch Saga produced by Pocket Gamer, and that was indeed a great honour. And NOW IT IS AVAILABLE on the AppStore!

It is optimized for iPhone3GS or later, but works well on your iPad as well.

50topppie320As owner of this website, I actually myself was able to get some additional tips and tricks from the Official guide, but on personal basis I liked the Extra’s best. Steelmedia have interviewed staff at King.Com getting an inside look of the thoughts behind the game. That was awesome to read, I felt like I was taking part of secrets inside the game! Where we here at the Blogging Witches focus mostly on PC/Mac gamers, the iPhone app with the Official Guide for Bubble Witch Saga is made to fit the needs of hardcore mobile players that are looking for that third star as well as for new players that need a few extra tips just to pass the hard levels. The 50 hardest levels available for Bubble Witch Saga mobile are covered with fast tricks that you just need to take a glance at to get the idea on howto pass. All the essential tricks and tricks are included in a really handy way. It is fast and really easy to use. Get it NOW! –>



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3 thoughts on “Get the OFFICIAL guide for Bubble Witch Saga!

  1. I hope you can help me out. I’m playing BWS on my ipad. I can’t play the game via facebook. Because ipad has no flashplayer. So I used the AppStore where I can get it free (connect to facebook, but not playing on facebook), I had several updates (latest on march 2013) and I have finished level 170. And then the game on the ipad stops. When I use the laptop I can go further. How come, and what to do?

      • Hmmmm too bad. Do you know, there will be an update, so it’s possible to play on the ipad in the future? It’s so nice on the ipad, and me and my husband don’t have to fight for the laptop lol

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