Get your friends to unlock Eternal Isles 21 or use FB Creds for 22

Bubble Witch Saga New Eternal Isles 22

You can now access Eternal Isles 22 for a few FB Credits and if you haven’t unlocked Eternal Isles 21 yet, you can ask friends for help to break the spells holding Eternal Isles 21!

Sad but true, there doesn’t seem to be any updates for mobile devices right now.

You’ll find all the videos for Eternal Isles played without any Charms by using this Special Playlist for Eternal Isles 21 or going via the EI 21 Level overview index. New Eternal Isle guides will appear in the Upper menu and at your right hand bottom of this site in the order they are available. All the overviews for EI 21 have been published a while ago already and the essential guide for EI 21-8 that is hard can also be found via the menu.

We got a countdown clock for the time until we’ll get the next daily balloon containing bonus levels. Smart indeed!

Big thanks to Christine Duczeck who alerted us into the new Levels by finishing them off in  o time with 10 crowns you see in the Pic! Well played Christine, well played indeed! :D

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