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  1. It may be me and not paying attention, but after being on Level 115 for days now. I finally beat it earlier today with one star, just barely missing two stars by a few points. Came back to the game about an hour ago and it says I am still on Level 115. Now I know I completed it for the first time. Is there anyway you can check into this and see what happened. Thank you.

    • I am just a gamer, like any of us. So there is no way for me to dig in any deep. (My broom stick is in for it’s yearly check up right now, otherwise I could just fly over. ;-))

      The two most usual reasons why this happens are 1) Something is bubbling on the King.Com server(updates or preparation of updates) or 2) there is something with your own computer/network/mobile device locally that caused the server connection to fail.

      Wired Connections are usually more reliable than mobile connections. If you play on a computer, clear out your cache daily to keep any junk from piling up and messing up with your gaming.

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