Having six or seven hearts in Bubble Saga Witch without using Facebook coins neither money

I am sorry to tell you that this article is historical. The new cap for lives is five. [update autumn 2013]

By unlocking Charm of Life (get 20 stars) you are entitled to buy the magic Charm of life for 99 Facebook coins. That entitle you to a permanent cap of eight lives instead of the ordinary five. But…! By being an eager bubbler, you can get one extra life(total of six hearts) at 90 stars, so bubble on my fellow witches, bubble! If you don’t have the money, do the time, haha!

At 110 Stars you get a cap of seven hearts at once.

At 250 Stars you get a cap of eight hearts at once.

higher cap on hearts, lives, energy

Look, a higher cap on hearts achieved without using Facebook coins!

permanently adds 3 hearts, lives, energy

Poster selling magic Charm of life

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15 thoughts on “Having six or seven hearts in Bubble Saga Witch without using Facebook coins neither money

  1. This extra life business by collecting stars is very out of date. I have 599 stars and still have only 5 lives. Perhaps an update would be in order ??? ;)

  2. Why can’t I play my game pet rescue saga I already beet almost 1000 games but now because I got anew cell phone 📱 by Microsoft I haven’t been able to play the game at all I’m sorry but I am pissed off HELP ME PLEASE

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