How do you play the game? BWS and a lil’ ’bout BWS2 too. :-)

Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2 are available for all popular handheld devices and if you have a  PC/Mac with Internet connection you can acceess new levels BEFORE they are available at any mobile app. Only Bubble Witch Saga 2 have at some rare points managed to have as much at GooGle Play to give as we get while playing BWS and it’s little sister BWS2 at Facebook.

HOWTO PROGRESS without paying reall money in Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2

You need either a Facebook account if you want to play with friends and advance faster without paying real cash. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to the app/game Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. Then the fun begins!

HOT CHEATSHEATS –> Bubble Witch Saga 2 tricks AND TIPS

You can also download apps for Bubble Witch Saga to your iPhone/iPad or Android and also for your Kindle decive. appstoregoogle_play_icon You can watch the 3 first levels as an introduction if you want to. Bubble Witch Saga begins with the map of the country of the witches. Start with episode 1 to discover the first levels. You have a limited number of shots in each level, so think before before you shoot, if you don’t get a star on a level, you will loose a life. The challenges will be harder as you move up in levels. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same colour to explode. A spider appears when the bubbles break. In falling, the bubbles bounce on spiders, which increase your score. You lose two spiders if you shoot a bubble without popping bubbles. The number of remaining shots is indicated in the magic cauldron in the bottom. Tips: Bank your shots off the walls to access bubbles in more difficult areas. Use the spacebar to change the bubble colors in cauldron. If the spacebar just send you down on the page, use the CTRL key in combination to the SPACEBAR key. Mobile users switch colours by tapping the cauldron, this will also work on PC/Mac. To proceed with next level you will need a certain amount of points to earn at least one Star. You can’t pass a level unless you have managed to make 9 holes in the ceiling to drop all the bubbles. To get the maximum fun out of Bubble Witch Saga, you will need at least three active friends that play Bubble Witch Saga, or be prepared to pay small amounts of Facebook Credits to move on between different areas in the Saga. The 17th January 2013 29 Eternal Isles and 265 ordinary levels are available for PC/Mac and 165 ordinary + a bunch of EI levels for mobile devices. Special tips from the Bogdan in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Page Group (feel free to join)

When a level finishes and you have a certain number of bubbles left in the cauldron, only half will go to the jars. For example if you have 10, 5 will come out. If you have 11 or 12, 6 will come out. And if you have only one left, it will come out of the cauldron as well. There is a cap for max 10 bubbles to come out from the cauldron in the end.

Happy bubbling! Tigimon-aka Tatjana about Bubble Witch Saga: “The most important thing on Bubble Witch Saga is to have patience!” Vicki Murray: “Feed your addiction, cast your spells and you will see, all will be well!” Teresa Atkinson: “My tip for passing any level is…… just wing it!” Heidi Johnson: Most gotta have friends on BWS, you will get help, advice, some BS and a lot fun getting to know this BWS group as you proceed in the games.. The Admins are here to help, and they are all friendly, funny and wonderful people to get to know. With a Google+ account you go to the game/Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. ALL Google +games have been removed 30th June 2013.

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    • Thank you. I use 4-5 evenings every week to add content and look over the codes. I use mostly ready made plugins for the blogsoftware WordPress, but some stuff I have had to code my own as I haven’t found things ready made for my needs. It is all a free open software that anybody can use. I use it as selfhosted, I like the knowledge that I have control over the php, but if you just want to try this software out and have no hosting of your own, you can get started in minutes at

    • Yes you can use forever, there is also an option to turn it off temporary if you want to test your aiming skills without it. :)

  1. How much longer do we wait for #166? They keep saying soon but we’ve waited a month now. Do they at least have an explanation as to why we are waiting. Otherwise, I will be going after King for all my money!

    • I don’t know when there will be an 166. I hope you found Eternal Isles beside level 78, where yet another 110 free levels are located!!

  2. Why can’t I post? Mine disappeared. All I want to know if when !166 will be up & running and why it’s not running. Otherwise, I’m asking King for all my money Ive paid in this game with the goal being to get to the end!!

    • New users are moderated before posting here during to really bad kind of posts that appeared a few months ago.

  3. have been told to click ‘didnt receive this item’ in DETAILED RECEIPT but when i go to payment history i cannot find this to click……….help pleeeese

  4. When working on 166, how many times to you have to knock the bubbles down before you get to move on to the neck #. I don’t think I’m getting the drift of what the game is about this time. Can you help?

  5. Hi I have been stuck on level 34 for sometime and it’s really frustrating. I keep getting the same low score even though I have got to the top many times!! Do I need to buy more bubbles, if so then it’s not really a free app as it advertised as being. A bit disappointing really but I do love playing it.

  6. I’m a beginner. What do the crowns mean that show up at the stars? I just learned to go back and increase number of stars that I passed on first time but don’t seem to get a crown even with three stars (sometimes) And what are they for anyway?

  7. Does anyone know anything about not being able to obtain green spiders when all of your spiders are golden, regardless of how many shots you make in a row? Usually happens at then end…..Trying to get more points…. thanks!

  8. Im I being really stupid but I have gold coins but I can’t buy any potions even if they are unlocked! At at the beginning of a new game it’s I can’t buy the potion of 3 gold spiders at the start and finish! Advise please x

    • What exactly happens when you click on the button to buy the yellow spider? (The button is labelled with the number 1000 and a small coin)

  9. Hi, I have untold coins & unable to use them. Tried using them to buy charms but keep getting sent to another page to make me pay for them by credit card or whatever. How do I use them please?

  10. My friend and I play bubbles witch saga but when she goes to get help from the swamp my name doesn’t show on the list, why? I can get coins and swamp help but she can not and yes we are facebook friends she is the one that got me started on this game but I can not help her??? Need to know why??!

    • This is a sad thing that have been happening to payers from the very start of the game. If you both remove the game and reinstall it, it might get the right players into the game again. The “why”-part is a harder question to answer. It is some glitch between the Facebook and King.Com servers, but that is the closest I dare go in my speculations.

  11. Didn’t we used to get half of all bubbles left in our cauldron at the end of the game? Why the decrease to only a max of 9. It is making it very hard to get 3 stars, especially on some of those older levels. I want half back. Gives some incentive for completing the level with fewer bubbles.

  12. My games runs very slow. Do I need Adobe Flash player? Also its very frustrating to have all the bubbles cleared but still not move on to the next level. I hate this game!!!

  13. It’s sad when you spend hard worked cash just to feel scammed. I am up t 186. Every time I hit pacher chawther when I am n where they are….
    I’d win if the bought charms but I’ve already spent

  14. The golden ticket was disappear in some levels befor. Now I need to open 24 level(on island) but I can`t. Why? What do I need to do? What is a differend 24 level or low?

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  16. Hi

    I have reached level 35 and am now asked to get 3 friends from facebook to unlock level 36….what do i do if none of my friends play? How do i continue the game without having 3 freinds???

    Love the game so much but was really sad when i cannot carry on.

  17. Well I am leaving the Bubble Witches. Finally had enough . I reached level 170 months ago and it seems that the only way I am going to get past this level is to start buying charms. I am not good enough to go on with out them and I kind of resent having to buy charms, When the ads started popping up I got annoyed but persevered anyway because the game is free.
    Feeling grumpy now :(

  18. I need active BWS friends that can help with advancing to other leves. All my other friends rarely play…any takers? my facebook name is deliesha brown…. look forward to adding you my fellow bubblins!

  19. My (and many others) problem with BWS is tha it won´t start. I click on a level, it says loading and that´s it.
    Yes, I´ve tried to clear the cache.
    Yes, I´m using Chrome
    I have even tried on THREE different computors.
    This happened about when I started using the app for Iphone (which is working by the way). Me and many more has pointed out this problem several times but no one has ever recived a reply where you adress the problem.
    Only the “try clear your cache” standard answer.
    I have tried removing BWS on both my FB and my phone and re install them as well.

    • Jag är en spelare, precis som du, så jag representerar tyvärr inte King.Com. Jag är ledsen att du fortfarande har problem med Bubble Witch Saga. Har du haft möjlighet att kolla att Bubble Witch Saga fungerar med nåt annat konto på de datorer du provat med?

  20. I have the same problem as Delisha. I am way up where I play the extra baloon every night because I can’t get two more people to help clear the caches because noone I know is playing up this high. What to we do? After three months of trying to get the help, is ithe answer to just leave the game. I, too, have spent over $100.00. FOR WHAT???????????

    • You need help from friends to pass on to the next episode. You can also pay 12 Facebook Credits, or 8 Facebook Credits, if you have had help from one. I have also had reports that people that are waiting more than a certain amount of time have had help for free. The game isn’t over just because you have no friends that play, it is just slower.

  21. On BubbleSafari I completed the application for CHASE Card &was suppose to get 300 safari dollars for applying. When do I get it?

  22. hello i play bubble witch on my phone and get coins sent to me but cant seem to see how i send some coins back probaly being dim lol any help would be appreciated ;)

  23. Am hooked on bubble witch! I made my star on level 35. It said well done but I didn’t get to go to next level. Also what are the bouncing question marks, and the black bouncing ghosts? Any help appreciated

  24. After what seems like weeks of playing Level 55, I finally breathed a sigh of relief when tonight I got one star and a score over 120,000 points but then at the end of the game instead of taking me to Level 56, it said I had not earned enough points and remained on Level 55. I have noticed this has happened on some earlier levels but wasn’t really been too concerned because they weren’t as difficult to complete as Level 55 is. What is the problem and are there some levels that require more than 1 star?

  25. is there any way to get past level 55 without paying money?
    I would like to go to the next area but I don’t want to pay, that is silly

    • You need to either pay or have the 3 friends helping. Morris and the other cats will come and help you pass if you go for weeks logging in to the game but not getting any help from freinds.

  26. I am up to trying to get into the swamp. I have two people who post to free me to go on. I have had three more who have sent this, but the never show up. I have been stuck there for months & shouldn’t be. Hope you can help me.

  27. How come I cannot get level 72 to com up on my ipad, but I finished level 72 with 1 star, on the Bubble Witch Saga.

    • The stars you gain unlocks different things in the game, such as coin sacks and magic potions. you should be able to get them without being on facebook.

  28. Has anyone gotten past 205? I have two people who have helped open the gate. Three people have tried to fill the third spot but it doesn’t register. How can I get that opened so I can move on? I’ve been at 205 three months!!! THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!!!!!!

  29. Again I ask, I am at the entrance to the swamp and have two friends recorded towards opening it. Three more have sent in their “vote” to open the third star but they don’t get recorded.
    I have been stuck here three months. Can you help?

  30. I’ve posted the same question twice with no answer. Can you check my post on Jan22 about trying to get into the swamp. I have been at 205 for two months at least. Is there really a swamp?

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