How do you play the game? BWS and a lil’ ’bout BWS2 too. :-)

Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2 are available for all popular handheld devices and if you have a  PC/Mac with Internet connection you can acceess new levels BEFORE they are available at any mobile app. Only Bubble Witch Saga 2 have at some rare points managed to have as much at GooGle Play to give as we get while playing BWS and it’s little sister BWS2 at Facebook.

HOWTO PROGRESS without paying reall money in Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2

You need either a Facebook account if you want to play with friends and advance faster without paying real cash. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to the app/game Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. Then the fun begins!

HOT CHEATSHEATS –> Bubble Witch Saga 2 tricks AND TIPS

You can also download apps for Bubble Witch Saga to your iPhone/iPad or Android and also for your Kindle decive. appstoregoogle_play_icon You can watch the 3 first levels as an introduction if you want to. Bubble Witch Saga begins with the map of the country of the witches. Start with episode 1 to discover the first levels. You have a limited number of shots in each level, so think before before you shoot, if you don’t get a star on a level, you will loose a life. The challenges will be harder as you move up in levels. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same colour to explode. A spider appears when the bubbles break. In falling, the bubbles bounce on spiders, which increase your score. You lose two spiders if you shoot a bubble without popping bubbles. The number of remaining shots is indicated in the magic cauldron in the bottom. Tips: Bank your shots off the walls to access bubbles in more difficult areas. Use the spacebar to change the bubble colors in cauldron. If the spacebar just send you down on the page, use the CTRL key in combination to the SPACEBAR key. Mobile users switch colours by tapping the cauldron, this will also work on PC/Mac. To proceed with next level you will need a certain amount of points to earn at least one Star. You can’t pass a level unless you have managed to make 9 holes in the ceiling to drop all the bubbles. To get the maximum fun out of Bubble Witch Saga, you will need at least three active friends that play Bubble Witch Saga, or be prepared to pay small amounts of Facebook Credits to move on between different areas in the Saga. The 17th January 2013 29 Eternal Isles and 265 ordinary levels are available for PC/Mac and 165 ordinary + a bunch of EI levels for mobile devices. Special tips from the Bogdan in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Page Group (feel free to join)

When a level finishes and you have a certain number of bubbles left in the cauldron, only half will go to the jars. For example if you have 10, 5 will come out. If you have 11 or 12, 6 will come out. And if you have only one left, it will come out of the cauldron as well. There is a cap for max 10 bubbles to come out from the cauldron in the end.

Happy bubbling! Tigimon-aka Tatjana about Bubble Witch Saga: “The most important thing on Bubble Witch Saga is to have patience!” Vicki Murray: “Feed your addiction, cast your spells and you will see, all will be well!” Teresa Atkinson: “My tip for passing any level is…… just wing it!” Heidi Johnson: Most gotta have friends on BWS, you will get help, advice, some BS and a lot fun getting to know this BWS group as you proceed in the games.. The Admins are here to help, and they are all friendly, funny and wonderful people to get to know. With a Google+ account you go to the game/Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. ALL Google +games have been removed 30th June 2013.

306 thoughts on “How do you play the game? BWS and a lil’ ’bout BWS2 too. :-)

  1. 3rd try: I am at 205 & trying to get into the “Swamp”. I have two blocks opened. Three other people have sent in to help me filll the third block and get into the swamp but the are not recognized. Can you help me?.

    • You need to send them again and again until you get the help. It is a pain in the XX when the requests starts to get stuck, but at some point they releases, you just keep sending ’em out. :)

  2. How do you get the charm bar on the right side of the screen out of there? It impedes my ability to do bank shots on the right side. I would like the charms on the bottom. I don’t use them anyway.

  3. I quit, give up. Obviously there is no swamp ready for play or they would make it possible to get in there. Tried for over 2 months and I’ve had it.

  4. Can you honestly tell me if there is anything after 205. I have been there for months. Many people have tried to free me so I can get into “The Swamp” but they are not registered. So what do I do now? Just forget this game!?!?

  5. I have completed level 35 many times and got a star and the well done! But it does not progress me to the next level. Can you please tell me what I have to do or need to get to next level?

  6. how do i unblock a friend on bws? i had previously blocked any requests from her and want to undo it – please help!

  7. I have finally passed level 35 but can’t find the next level. I havnt bought any charms or any thing so can anyone help me. Thanks

    • You need 3 friends, real money or if playing on a mobile device ingame coins to help you unlock the next episode.

  8. After the last upgrade for the iPad, rainbow bubbles are missing from various levels….not consistently…never showing up on the daily level…help

  9. I really enjoy Bubble Witch Saga, and actually this is the only game I play, I have given up all other games, but there are a few things that are troubling about BWS, one being the price of potions, 3000 for seven extra bubbles is way to expensive, second there are so many people that have questions concerning the game, BWS needs to have a help button explaining the game, I don’t even know how you get a heart beside your name on the left of the screen, what are the rules and regulations of the game, I am on level 123 and still don’t know how the game is actually played, third I can’t believe that you actually have to buy things you need thru a credit card or pay pal, I refuse to do that. I have played numerous games and not one has had this. You have sponsors for games so why does the players have to pay for what they need? Fourth if you are choosing to charge each game should have more bubbles, in the higher levels a player waste so many lives because they run out of bubbles, on level 123 you have the game set on the lower level to waste at least 20 bubbles trying to open the keys resulting in not having enough bubbles to reach the top…fair? I don’t think so. You expect players to “buy” things but yet you sabotage the levels that keep players on the same level for weeks, come on- if you people expect something from the players, then give a little yourself.

  10. I seem to have lost my rainbow bubble after the last update. I have individual colored bubbles that I have to buy. Am I missing the rainbow bubble on my screen?

  11. Hi
    I was playing when I ran out of lives and clicked on “watchAd” to gain another life. The screen just went blank and I am unable to get the game back although the App Store still says game is open

  12. Hi I have just started to play bubble wich saga but now I just keep going round in circles with no cauldron showing up. I seem to be stuck. Can you help. Ange

    • Clear out your cache and cookies and try again. If you are playing on a nmobile device, try to turn off your device and on again.

  13. Hi. im on lvl 142 and i have 255 stars and i wonder when im gonna get more than just 5 lives. i play on facebook.

  14. I have been collecting the coins that you must click each link for. Every click opens up either a new tab or a new window depending on which setting I have on my browser. Is it possible for me to set up my browser to open each click in the same window the way your one clicks do? I know I still must click each one, i just dont want to have a zillion windows or tabs open. I cant figure out how to do it on ie7 or chrome. thanks for all your hard work.

  15. I completed level 35, however, I cannot find level 36. There is an area that asks me to connect to Facebook and allow the game to have access to mt contact lists etc. is there any other way to mo e forward?

  16. I have a question about infected bubbles. Is there a way to get rid of them? I am playing the daily challenge and the longer you play, the more bubbles seems to get infected. Can you get rid of them, and more importantly, how? Thanks for your help. I love the game but I am stuck for a couple of days now at the same level, cannot seem to get enough points although I finished the top line, very frustrating!

  17. Can you give me a tip to go to level 36 withouth the registration for a facebook acount?
    I just want to play
    Gr, Wilma

  18. I am not receiving lives or tickets from friends who send them. How do I fix that? Solution…..please.

    • Try to play with another browser, I have experienced this problem with Firefox but they come through better in Chrome.

  19. There is something wrong with the game. I’ve had more than 3 people break the next spell and it still only shows as 2 people have helped me break the spell. What’s up with that.

  20. In the daily challenge (balloon over the upper right of screen, there are odd bubbles with spots on them, how is this game played and why are they multiplying

  21. Hello,
    Help me please
    I completed level275
    And 10levels of eternal isles
    And still no ghosts!!!!!!!
    Please tell me why?????

    • I think that 275 is the last level for mobile devices. Tap around, there should be like 30 more eternal isles there though. :)

  22. Getting really fed up with having to reload twice during playing the 7 lives each time, never used to have this problem. Its hard enough to get off some of the levels, and when you think you have ( several times) only to find out you have to reload as its froze and you have lost the pass level just played. have recently got a new computer, still happens on here as did the old one. HELP.

  23. I’m trying to play this on my iphone. I cleared some bubbles, then it dropped me into a map. I have no idea what to do on the map, or how to get out of it to get to the next level. Assorted levels are marked on the map, but nothing seems clickable. How do I move on??

    • You need to get a star for a level in order to advance. The highest number on the map is the level you can play next.

  24. King know how to make money out of people for sure.. its a scam i am sorry but it is. I play bubble witch saga to take my mind off a lot of things that i have being going thru in the last few months, i have spent so much money on levels and then for the page to go blank and lots of other things. I have emailed them with the same response i am sure a lot of you guys get auto message. Then when you build enough coins to buy the hole in the ceiling etc it gives you the worst three games… daaaaaa

    • EIther you pay to do so, or you fill any gap around them. I usually try to drop them before they get to 1.

  25. Hi I would just like to complain about level 145
    request 2 animals – 23k points
    got 7 animals – 18k points

    obviously you can understand why I think I have to stop playing this game now as it doesn’t seem to be a fair game –

    Currently I am struggling to get above 10k ….

  26. i invited friends to play. 20 people at the time. now the “invite” screen appears empty and no friends appear on it. how do i invite more friends/

    • I am afraid that I don’t really understand your question. the Bombs drop when you remove all bubbles that attach them to something, mnaybe that is what you meant? :)

  27. Hi! Thanks for the site! Question: What are the little bubbles that sometimes appear on the bottom of the screen that indicate possible gold bar awards? EX: purple bubble with a small 7 inside a gold bar? Do I have to pop 7 consecutive purple bubbles..or seven during the rest of the level? Confused …

  28. What do you do to get friends? I,m at a blocking point. Says I need 3 friends to get passed. I don,t have friends that play bws.

  29. I sucessfully completed level 95. I cannot move to level 96.The oinly option Im getting is Daily Level. How can I get passed this please?

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