How to FIND Bubble Witch Saga Posts on TIMELINE


Go to the Timeline or Profile page of your friend.  Just UNDER the Cover pic you will see BOXES with a little Arrow.  CLICK THE ARROW and it will show more boxes.  One of them will be Bubble Witch.  See Diagram to the right.

When you click it, it will then look like this.





After this the page will change to show ONLY Bubble Witch.  You will see lots of Achievements bla bla bla so SCROLL down until you see something like this:




Mine says I have 98 more posts.  Click on the 98 more posts.Then you will see a SCROLL BAR to the side – Scroll away and collect all your bonuses!

Happy Bubbling!
Pictures and text published with permission of and made by Victoria Muller, orginally posted in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group.

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