How to find mini games to play for more coins

Bubble Witch Saga Mini games

I tend to use the “My Wf”-method to find the mini games I play and recommend that you read the special article on mini games to learn all about them.

But if you want to find them on your friends wall or on a wall that have public mini games that you aren’t a subscriber of, then the mini games doesn’t show up in your wall feed. They doesn’t show up as individual stories at Timelines either.

You can easily get to play those mini games by clicking on the “Comment” option for a mini game. That will open up the games in a popupish thingy over the wall and you can click “Play” in the lower left corner of the Bubble Witch Saga as usual to play the mini game(s). This works as good at your own Timeline as on your friends’ Timelines

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