Howto contact the Developers of Bubble Witch Saga

The Blogging Witches have no means to contact the developers straight away with any complaints about the game, we use the same channels as stated here.

To find news about bugs and fixes as close to the Kingdom as possible, use this Bubble Witch Saga Care King Search.

For Bubble Witch 2 Saga NEWS and FIXES, go to King Care with this Bubble Witch 2 Saga .

Use the contact form at the bottom of the app/game page at Facebook to get in touch with King.Com/ Facebook that is the developers of Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook. You’ll get an automated message that you’ll need to reply to, so that get the knowledge about your problem.

If you have paid for an item that you didn’t receive, please use this form on FB to make a complaint. The form is a bit disturbing for those that have used Paypal as payment method, it does not respond to your clicks before you first check “Credit Card”, then when the next step in the form have appeared you can check the Paypal. I guess that facebook doesn’t care to get complaints from people using PayPal…? :<

The official Bubble Witch FB Fan Page is a great way to get news about the game.

If you have iPhone/iPad troubles, please go to the mobile device troubleshooting, where you will find useful information and a contact email, if the troubleshooting doesn’t measure up to your needs.

You can also contact King.Com at

Location of contact from to King.Com

The location of the contact form to use if you want to get in touch with the developers of Bubble Witch Saga

80 thoughts on “Howto contact the Developers of Bubble Witch Saga

  1. I am really getting frustrating with Bubble Witch Saga. I am on level 37. I feel like you have deliberately put those doom bubbles where I will be sure to hit them. A lot of times I have to bank off the sides to clear bubbles and there’s a doom bubble right there so I’m afraid to bank because if my aim is just a little off, which it usually is, I hit one of those doom bubbles. So I have to keep trying to clear the bubbles around it, so by the time I finally get to the top I am out of bubbles. I have reached the 70,000 points several times but I cannot clear the board because I keep running out of bubbles. I am wondering if I am ever going to get through this level. I think on a level like this one, if a person reaches the goal, that person should be allowed to advance to the next round, whether he or she clears the board, especially on a level like this one, where clearing the board
    is virtually impossible. At least in my opinion.

    • I am on level 142 and I upgraded the app today and now I am on level 32 what happened how can I fix this or how can you fix this for me and thank you Wayne
      I have also tried to contact you through Kings email but it keeps saying try again I’m very frustrated I worked hard to get to level 142

    • You don’t need to buy charms to pass the levels, all levels can be played without them. Magic Potions on the other hand are good to use. :)

      • oh really all can be played without charms? I am stuck at the darmn 305 level for a while kept struggling without charms and failed every friking time
        I doubt this darmn game can be played by any human being at all and this all because of the impossible difficulty

  2. I am waiting for you to break my spell to 116 on Bubble Witch my friend Daphney on FB broke me through it shows that my other 2 friends on FB broke me through but it does not show that their names are Kris Kerr and Kim Kerr please correct this so I can continue to play. Thank you

  3. Can u help me plz!! I’ve been playing bw for quite some time on my iPad I was loggged in as me and after that I then tried to help my grandad ( kenny cross ) and ever since that are bw have been the same . We have the same lives , money and on the same level , when I was on level 112 and I jumped to 137 without doing any levels in between . Can u sort somthing out plz . I don’t mind if I have to start again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh my, that is a serious mess up indeed. Something must have gone wrong in the sync. As a first step to resolve this you should completely remove Bubble Witch Saga from BOTH your Facebook account and your iPad AND from Facebook. Now it is so sad, that I do not know where the Bubble Witch saga app data is stored on iPad, but that need to be removed as well before trying to reinstall it on iPad. The sync could be stored on King.Coms server, so that might not work, then we will have to work on this issue more to resolve it.

  4. Hello,

    Have you changed the scores for getting 2 and 3 stars on some levels? I hav been replaying but not getting 2 stars when I did before, this is on the Eternal Isles I have noticed the change

  5. I purchased One Eyed Wilbur’s special yesterday, and after it took my money, it came back and said the Charm of Foresight was sold out…so only charged me $12.50. I should have had the option to back out….I am not pleased with this, as that is the Charm that I especially wanted.
    Please explain how a Charm can be sold out?
    Mary O

  6. I have been at level 166 for a long time. I am addicted to this game and want to move on to 167 and up.. I have beat level 166 but it won’t advance me! I have had 2 stars and cleared the ceiling. What’s up with that? Please email me. Thanks!

  7. On August 20th, 2012 I signed up for a month free at and by doing so obtained 200 Facebook credits. Since then I have used maybe 6, but today I went to the Bubble Witch site on Facebook to discover that the credits were all gone, down to zero. I did not use them. Would someone kindly return those credits to my account. I find the developers are extremely difficult to find and contact.

    Thank you

  8. I am on level 188 of Bubble Witch I have been trying this level for MONTHS I even stopped playing the game because I cannot get past it. Today I thought I would give it another try and I cleared the board with bubbles left and got 2 stars and the game FROZE.. not my computer but the game and did not give me credit for clearing this level. I am very angry and upset to say the least about this. Now I am thinking about deleting the app and giving up totally this VERY unfair.

  9. and about accounts mixed up removing the game help i have that with my husband account once my progress was on his and his progress was on mine

  10. I have done everything possible (cleared my cache, changed to Google Chrome) and Level 3/21 of Eternal Isles will not allow me to advance to Level 4/21, even though I have 2 stars for the 10th game. I have continued to play it and every time I pass through the level, I get an error message saying that there is a problem with the game and I must reload. I have been at this for at least 2 weeks now and I haven’t been able to rectify the situation. Can you please advise?

  11. I wanted to buy 2 tokens for .20$ to unlock a level and was charged $5 for 50 credits, which I didn’t want! How do I fix this.

    • It isn’t fixable just like that, you’ll need to use the form mentioned above to ask back the money from Facebook. This is something Facebook earns loads on. People are forved to buy smal small amputns more than they need and then they cooperate woth the game devs so that people buy smal small stuff in the games that they do not need. Facebook makes millions and we users puke a bit while still (addicted as we are to this new dazzling concept of being social without actually having to leave our houses EVER) game on… Oh määän, do I hate Facebook today, it is my Number one Internet service I just love to hatẹ.

      Ooops, sorry for the rant, I’ll probably come back and edit my comment a bit later, when I have cooled down a bit! ^_^

  12. I have been playing Bubble Witch for quite some time and I love it. I have been stuck on Level 35 for quite a while and finally this morning I was able to get 2 stars and it said, “well done!” Finally! But then, I don’t see any Level 36 ?? I’m confused!? Where is Level 36 for me to play?

  13. I have a macbook pro but every time i go to play bubble witch on Facebook it keeps coming up with a connection error please reload.

    Any ideas or solution

  14. I purchased Charm of Percision just now, but when i went to play the game to use it, it was not there. How do i get my money refunded, for a product that does not work? I am so disappointed. I am on level 161, and i am finding it impossible to play without the Charm of Percision

  15. I started using bubble witch on my I Phone 2 days ago. Since then I cannot play BW on my computer anymore. The game loads, I can select a level but then it gets stuck while loading. When going back to facebook and starting BW again, I see that there is a life lost. I have tried removing BW from my I phone, having the latest flash player on my computer, emptying cache memory and cookies, uninstalling BW from facebook on the computer and reinstalling it, but nothing seems to work. Could you help ?

  16. Currently on level 194 and I have been having problems loading friends to ask for help to unlock levels and to ask for extra lives. I typically use Firefox but after clearing history, cache, cookies, etc and still nothing I downloaded Chrome and IE but still nothing. Any suggestions?

  17. I have been playing this game for a long time, I am on the very last one in the game now I can not get the game to load. I normally use google chrome and now I get a bar across the top that says Shockwave Flash isn’t responding. then a small popup that says page unresponsive. So I switched to internet explorer and that starts to load goes to the game number I want then never loads, what is wrong?

    • Go back to Chrome and try to have a bit less programs up and running in the background when you play. I have also noticed that flash isnät feeling that well in Chrome at the moment, so I have decreased some heavy using of programs that I usually don’t shut down when I play.

  18. You’ve automatically updated my bubble witch saga 2 for me I’m on level 690 and it’s not letting me pass the cauldron this happened to me last time and I’m not utterly fed up of this happening to me then I have to e,mail I spend enough money playing it please rectify this problem for me a sap thank you once again

    • I’ve just updated bubble witch saga and once again it has not passed me pass the couldron why does this keep happening, shall I just delete the game as I’m sick of this happening please amend this Asaph thank you,

  19. I am not buying anything else for bubble witch saga 2 as you’ve updated me and it ha sent taken me passed the coldrol this is not the first time this has happened to me I’m so annoyed,

  20. I’m still waiting for you to sort my problem out updated and didn’t let me pass the couldron,and now today I bought 55gold bars from candy crush soda I’ve been charged and never received them I’m thinking strongly of deleting both these games,

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  22. I’ve up dated once again and yet again it hadent moved me on why does this keep happening it’s very annoying when you quick at taking my money but not quick with moving me on

  23. The game days I have fifty lives. It used to be full because I rarely use them. Now, even though it says fifty lives, it’s EMPTY!!! What gives?? How can you take them when it says I have them? Really want to know!!!

  24. Hello,Ive got an issue while playing level 340.I had just completed that level using all my goodies,plus buying some gold,then the game froze,waited a considerable time nothing happened,so refreshed the game.reloaded still on same level everything gone.I scored 407,770 and had 30 bubbles left would appreciate any help thank you regards Mike

  25. Hey King Customer Care, bubbles witch saga 2, I just like to thank you for fixing this game. thanks again huggss

  26. I am on level 470 I’ve spent a lot of money getting here l play very well l know when l am being cheated. I refuse to spend another dime until l am being treated fairly. I will be notifying my friends on Facebook off Facebook and the public on Facebook about your cheating game

  27. I am really disappointed. I was supposed to receive my bonus item for the October 31st special play you had. Showed me what I was getting, then it said something went wrong. I did not get them. Then when I came back in a couple of hours later, said click to relieve them so I did and yhen it said you already received them, which I did not. That really upset me. Is there any way that you can fix this for me.

    Thank you

  28. i dont know what this fkg bubble w thing id or where it came from but it keeps trying to dnl on my phone & its pure “bullshit”!!!!

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