Howto contact the Developers of Bubble Witch Saga

The Blogging Witches have no means to contact the developers straight away with any complaints about the game, we use the same channels as stated here.

To find news about bugs and fixes as close to the Kingdom as possible, use this Bubble Witch Saga Care King Search.

For Bubble Witch 2 Saga NEWS and FIXES, go to King Care with this Bubble Witch 2 Saga .

Use the contact form at the bottom of the app/game page at Facebook to get in touch with King.Com/ Facebook that is the developers of Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook. You’ll get an automated message that you’ll need to reply to, so that get the knowledge about your problem.

If you have paid for an item that you didn’t receive, please use this form on FB to make a complaint. The form is a bit disturbing for those that have used Paypal as payment method, it does not respond to your clicks before you first check “Credit Card”, then when the next step in the form have appeared you can check the Paypal. I guess that facebook doesn’t care to get complaints from people using PayPal…? :<

The official Bubble Witch FB Fan Page is a great way to get news about the game.

If you have iPhone/iPad troubles, please go to the mobile device troubleshooting, where you will find useful information and a contact email, if the troubleshooting doesn’t measure up to your needs.

You can also contact King.Com at

Location of contact from to King.Com

The location of the contact form to use if you want to get in touch with the developers of Bubble Witch Saga

70 thoughts on “Howto contact the Developers of Bubble Witch Saga

  1. I was charged $23 for a $.99 charge on bubble which saga3. It has happened several times and I’m just now catching it. What do I do now ?

  2. I have been charged $23 for a $.99 charge on bubble which saga three. This is not the first time it has happened. I’m just now catching it. What do I need to do?

  3. I am on level 189 and I have a few questions. Will we ever get more gold bricks? When I go to my home, it appears that I have built it up as far as I can and it just says coming soon? How soon is soon? Your coming Soon so far has been two weeks. Also when visiting others homes and catching fairies to fill my jar, there is only one person who I am able to visit that has fairies and that is Zack,(whoever he is) and his fairies are red. Why can I only get fairies from this Zack person and why are they red? My last question is my levels now have a card that when all boards in the level have 3 stars,it turns golden. Do you get any reward for getting 3 stars for “all” the boards in a level?

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