I got 50 FREE Gold Bars in Bubble Witch Saga!

Bubble Witch Saga New Levels at the Road Home, Crystal Caves

Level 416 to 425 have now opened up at Facebook, just ask 3 of your friends for help to break spells and you are good to go as soon they have answered.

Check out the Level Video For 416 by clicking this, consult the PLAYLIST for new Bubble Witch Saga Level vids that are being added to the Blogging Witches Youtube Channel!

FreeGoldBars11-small-no-textNew feature in Bubble Witch Saga introduce GOLD BARS!

The big news for me today was the Gold Bars, Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga have recently received the Gold Bar feature and now it is being added to Bubble Witch Saga as well. :D

Remember that these gold bars can be obtained only within the game, no external site or Facebook Page that is promising you free Bubble Witch Saga Gold bars will be anything else than a scam.

Not all of us have the Gold Bar feature yet, and some that have received the gold bars have lost the gold bar icon soon after getting their free first fix of 50 gold Bars. If we look at how Candy Crush Saga Gold was introduced, we can assume that the gold bar feature including free gold bars soon will be available for all of us, so you just need to be patient, the gold bar feature will most likely be added to all accounts very soon!

10 thoughts on “I got 50 FREE Gold Bars in Bubble Witch Saga!

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  2. I keep getting the free 50 Gold Bars thingy and have never received them. Most I’ve got is 4!
    Seems a bit scammy to me!

  3. the screen “You struck gold! 50x” pops up every time I open the game but I cannot redeem the Gold! Help me!

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