Invite to challenge play! (post includes 4375 coins)

I hope to see you in the Challenge today in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group, we’ll play Level 57. :) It is a friendly competition to have fun! There is two groups of players, one for those playing with charms and one for those that haven’t charms.

Just upload a screenshot of your winning score for level 57 where the time and date is present, so we can see that it is played within the right time range. (between 6 and 8pm UK time today Saturday 16th Feb 2013)

There will be two random draws for winning a charm price, one for each group. Participation and good sportsmanship is what it takes to get into the draw. :)

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Level Video by Patti Frazier-Laundree

Here you got some free coins for a few potions, enjoy! These are valid until 22nd February 2013.

  1. 350 Coins
  2. 350 Coins
  3. 350 Coins
  4. 350 Coins
  5. 350 Coins
  6. 350 Coins
  7. 350 Coins
  8. 350 Coins
  9. 350 Coins
  10. 200 Coins
  11. 200 Coins
  12. 200 Coins
  13. 200 Coins
  14. 150 Coins
  15. 150 Coins
  16. 125 Coins

Also take a look at the 1-click posts from the past week, the oldest one are getting old today, so you might want to pick up the coins before it is to late.

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