Collect 4000 Coins, all of them in just one Click!

Bubble Witch Saga All-In-One-Click-Coins

I hope you all are having a nice weekend and have remembered to collect your in-game Daily Coins Bonus. If that wasn’t quite enough, here are some more. First a few standalone links, so that you can load your game manually to answer requests from friends before you hit the one-click button, as it will load your game multiple times and you might don’t quite can catch up with the request before the game reload itself.

EDIT!!!! button removed as the coins went old…..!!! They go old in 7 days, you know…

Next week we will start out with of course more coins on Monday(I’ll try to make it late Sunday. (It depends on what else have to be done Sunday evening, there might be a lot of other bubbling for this Witch then) and Tuesday I have promised that iPhone owners shall get a chance to win a very own quite rare iPhone(4G/4S) cover, that King.Com have sent us.

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