Keep Calm and play Candy Crush Saga!

Noups.. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have the word calm that close to Candy Crush Saga! At least it is very far away from my reality. I know it, you know it… Candy Crush Saga is EVIL! This is the first post in a serie of not that helpful posts about candy crush saga and I simply call it as it is. I LOVE you Candy Crush Saga, but you are still EVIL!

I have no idea when the hash tags started to work as hash tags at Facebook, but now when they do, you can find pretty awesome stuff by people that hash tags the stuff you do too! Done with that little blink most of them are HILARIOUS! I dare you, try out the has tag #fail… ;-)

So now when the hash tags are here I amuse myself from time to time with checking hash tags for the games we love to hate and now I found these hash tags alongside a pic posted by Electra Starr. All of us that have played Candy Crush Saga (a bit too much..? *;-)) can follow this chain thought right from the beginning to the awesome end! Thank you Electra for sharing! <3

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