Socialize for unlimited energy in Bubble Witch Saga!

As you all know, games on Facebook are called social games. In Bubble Witch Saga we haven’t yet discovered any limitations for how social you can be! You can request more energy from friends as often you want to.

The limitation with requesting extra lives is not that bad. The only that is mandatory when asking for more lives is that you have used at least one of your lives at  your own at the moment.

Ask friends for extra free lives

This means that you can ask for more lives as soon as you have used one life. If you have  a few friends online at the same time, you can chat with them and tell them when you have requested for a life in Bubble Witch Saga or ask them if it is ok to request for a life.

You can also send free lives to friends by clicking on the small red hearts with a plus sign (picture) on them. Those hearts are not activated all the time. You will have to wait for a certain time (maybe 2 hours?) before you can send a heart to the same person again. But you can respond to their requests for extra lives as often as you update the game.

And the best thing of all is that any life you get from a friend when your life cap is full is converted to 100 coins, so you get loads of coins if you don’t use as many lives that you receive!


Send hearts by clicking on the heart plus signs

Whenever you level up, fail a level or enter a level you have a list of friends to the right, that list also contains hearts to click on for sending them extra life as a much appreciated in-game gift.

If you see green check marks instead of hearts you have recently sent a life to that person.


39 thoughts on “Socialize for unlimited energy in Bubble Witch Saga!

  1. I have a question in regards to clicking on the red hearts with the + sign of friends on Bubble Witch. Is there an easier way to do this for those that are on lower levels since they don’t show up on the list where you hit the “Play” button?

    It’s taking me so long to hunt all my friends, there has to be an easier way that I don’t know about.

    Your help is appreciated, thank you!!

    • Friends are shown at the map, just drag around the map by keeping the mouse cursor down and look for your friends up North!

  2. hope u can help me,i cant request lives from friends list,as soon as i go 2 try all friends plz

  3. In your video on this level, every time the person clicked on a mystery bubble, it becomes the extra multi-coloured ball. How does one do that? Is there a trick or a charm to do that?

    • It is pure luck. With the uploaded videos we need to remember that failing videos never reach Youtube. Sometimes you need to play dozen of times before you get a good video. :)

    • Start out with reading the genreal howto and the tips to get green spiders. Look for the tips in the menus above and under the Blogging Witches’ logo. :)

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  6. When are next level after 170 ready to show up? And I am not able to fix level 6 in eternal island. The bubbles are falling down, 73 times but no high score.

    • Du hittar EI 1-6 guiden i den övre menyn, det borde hjälpa lite grann. Angående nya levlar kan vi här på Blogging Witches inte svara, eftersom vi är spelare precis som du och inte har tillgång till insidesinfpormation från spelet.

      • Tack för svar. För länge sedan fick jag ett mail om att det fanns nya levlar o att dom var upplåsta gratis. Level 6 i EI är väldigt svår och ändå har jag försökt att följa råden som ges. Återigen tack för svar – ha en bra dag hälsar Ann-Marie

        • Det är många som har spelat hela spelet utom EI 1-6,1-7,1-8,1-9,1-10, eftersom EI 1-6 är så svårt. Man kan allstå forstätta å spela 160 andra gratis EI-levlar utan att ha klarat EI1-6. :) Lycka till!

        • Hej, nåväl det enda jag undrade var om ngn vet när dom släpper level efter 170. Eftersom detta är en fanpage trodde jag att någon visste något om framtiden.

  7. Glömde fråga vilka andra EI-levlar menar du? Förutom EI1-6-10 då. Ursäkta men jag e inte så bra på detta men gillar att spela. Men som sagt hittar inga levlar efter EI10 och 170. Hej hopp!

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  9. I have aquired some new friends to play with me, but they are not on my invite list. I need the new ones to get me into required places. How do I get them into my invite list?

  10. How do I clear out the cache for this game. maybe I did it wrong. Please help me. I really want to keep on playing, but cant with out any friends.

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