Level 114 – some tricks up its bubbly sleeve

Level 114 is a sneaky one.  Every time I’ve played it, there has been a nice cluster of the same color bubbles going right up the middle like a crazed column.  Don’t be fooled – work on clearing out the bombs to the left and right.  Then get the bubbles cleared out to the lower level of the skull doom bubbles, or the infection coming down the inside of the diagonal line of skulls will spread outside its margins.  Doing this should contain the infection unless you accidentally ‘feed’ it with an errant bubble shot.

Plan your shots carefully – you are only given 35 bubbles in Level 114.

A potion of 3 free spaces in the ceiling and/or 7 additional bubbles  could only help, or you could buy 10 extra bubbles with Facebook credits.  Either way, Level 114 is a tough one just from the scarcity of ammo.

Insight from Carol-Anne: I am lousy when it comes to disarming bombs so ended up taking right one out, clearing solid colour middle block then wall to wall aiming to clear bubbles way above bomb so ‎*no disarming needed*.

Her you can watch Bubble Witch Saga Level 114 – Played by http://www.skillgaming.de

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