Level 117 New Easier!!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 117- Redo

New improved easier level!  :D

Update 4-03-14:  The original layout had an additional infection under each lock making it nearly impossible to break without the perfect aim.  One has now been removed and there are only 3 infections under the chain on each side  and the row of regular bubbles have been changed to crystals.  This makes the level much more doable.  You can still get stuck under chain and run out of bubbles but the overall game is much easier than before! See the new strategy below.

Starting Bubbles:  45
Recommended Potions: All
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 85 000, 105 000, 140000
Special Bubbles:

Level 117 New Layout

Level 117 New Layout

Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles
Morph Bubble Morph Bubbles
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles
Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles(1 chain)

Pic 117:  Start clearing out bubbles working towards the locks.  Take note of the color change of the Morphs that are sitting right below the Infections.  The Infections will not grow as long as you don’t attach a bubble to it.  Look at the color of the Crystals and the color of the lock. If you are lucky they will match.  Either way it will not be hard to unlock. Once you get the chain unlocked start your move towards the ceiling.  At this time drop a side or the center infection so it will be easier to make your shots to drop the ceiling.

Locked Ghost chain at Level 117 in Bubble Witch Saga

You can not use Rainbow Bubble to burst a single lock bubble, the red bubble will not burst alone with the help of a rainbow bubble. You need to pair it up with another red bubble before it can be bursted with a rainbow bubble.

Editor’s original tips:

If you have less than 14 bubbles when unlocking the chain it just isn’t worth the effort playing. :( Just reload the game, if someone might have sent you some extra lives or something.

You don’t need to take down the middle row of infected bubbles, you’ll manage to unlock the locks at level 117 anyhow. :)

When you have unlocked the chain the rest of the level is almost like resting, if you have enough bubbles as stated above.

You can not let the infection spread by any mean. It is impossible to achieve even one Star at level 117, if you let the infection spread and don’t have twin colored bubbles for the lock bubbled(see pic for single locked bubble, which is NO-burstable)

level 117 game over strategy picture

LVL 117, BWS ( This was the original layout with 4 infection bubbles under each side of lock.)

Many players have purchased the Charm of Antidote to get pass bubble Witch Saga 117. The Antidote Charm is a great help to save the situation at the “Game over”-picture in the upper corner of this post but I am sorry to tell you that it can not be used to heal core-bubbles that are infected. The antidote heals only infected bubbles that have been contaminated after the level has started.

If you aren’t already familiar with how to generate green spiders, read about it now, so you don’t waste any opportunities.

**This is the Video playing “original layout” 2 stars no charms by Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches, please subscribe!

Here is a Video walkthrough that haven’t a paired up bubble at the right side. So it shows the hardest way to unlock the ghost locked chain at the right.

 Video 3 stars New Layout

77 thoughts on “Level 117 New Easier!!

  1. Your posts are great I really hope people will appreciate them, skull bubble and rainbow bubble i know from other games but poison spider bobb curse bubble was new to me so I really waist a lot of lives to pass some lvls

  2. hola me he quedqdo en el nivel 15 y no lo puedo pasar,directamente no se me carga lo tengo bloqueado?si esai como lo desbloqueo?

  3. Hi there, if I understand you right, you can’t load the game, either because it is blocked or because you have issues with the actual game. If you have blocked it by accident, you’ll need to go to your privacy settings at facebook: http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy Scroll down until you see the text (it is translated to your language though)

    Blocked People and Apps
    Manage the people and apps you’ve blocked.
    Manage Blocking

    Click on Manage blocking and unblock Bubble Witch Saga.

    If you already have unblocked Bubble Witch Saga, I recommend that you try some general tricks that I have explained in the post about loading issues.


  4. If you can get all the bubbles off the board below the corrupted ones, and didn’t add any new corrupted ones, you can get the bubble next to the key.

  5. I like your helps on the different levels a lot. I am stuck on Level 93 and have no idea how to get through it and I don’t see a help page for it. Is it that easy that one is not needed and I am just clueless…LOL. I usually can get to the top of most levels and then figure out what strategy to use to clear it, but I can’t even seem to get to see the top row on 93. What is the secret?

  6. Games should be fun…. This is frustration in a nutshell. level 117 is ridiculous and after failing an entire month I and many other ppl are removing this application. Shame as it was quite entertaining for a while.

  7. Imposible pasar el nivel 117…. No consigo abrir los dos candados, ya que las bolas nunca coinciden con el color del mismo…. Algun consejo ????

  8. Good news for those who are patiently sitting on level 155… the new stage is estimated to arrive March 1st! Phew… was wandering if they were going to continue with the map!

  9. About the nasty Level 117: I managed to beat it (1 star) on my 7th try. I did not have enough cash for the morph bubbles at the time. I recommend reading the L117 tips posted by Admin. I do have an extra bit of advice on unlocking the chain:
    1) Concentrate on clearing the bubbles below the infected row only in the region of the lock accesses. Conserve bubbles!
    2) In the top row under the infected bubbles, do not shoot a bubble beside the one you want to clear, or it will immediately become infected. Shoot to attach below.
    3) On the infected bubble row, there are two spaces that each contain two non-infected bubbles. To knock them out, make sure to shoot BETWEEN the two plain bubbles to avoid your shot being infected.
    4) Preferably, take out the plain bubble that gives you the most direct passage towards the lock.
    5) The tricky bit: When you have cleared the gaps in the
    infected bubbles, shoot the first lock release bubble as absolutely close as possible to the lock, giving just enough clearance to the infected bubble to avoid it. You want you bubble to sneak over and around the infected one. That way it will snug up to the lock bubble. Shooting the third bubble is easier.
    Good luck!

  10. Como pasar el nivel 135. No consigo ver la bomba que está más arriba porque al intentar limpiar la columna central siempre me mata una calavera.

  11. I absolutely LOVE this game. It is so challenging ,and as said above #55 and #117 have been the worst.I’m still working on #117, just can’t get the hang of it but I will. Your tips are very helpful and so is prayer!! Love the Lord, he knows thr desires of our hearts!!!

  12. I am stuck on level 117. Can the game be won if the bubbles under the lock are not the same as the lock? and if not do I have to keep refreshing until they are?

  13. I am about ready to give up on the game at this point….level 117 has me stumped. I can clear the bubbles under the chain– but never seem to get close enough to the locks. Any suggestions??

    • Try to adjust your aiming like in the video and in the pic, I am certain that you can do it! Good Luck!

      • Sorry but the image is wrong – there is no straight line from the bubble to the lock – I have the precision charm and it does not line up.

        • You need to pop the Morph Bubbles under the infection to get the straight line working.

  14. I have gone through 14 screens in level 118. I cannot for the life of me get anywhere near what is required for one star.

  15. I don’t have morph bubbles in 117. I bought the rainbow balls but they don’t seem to help. Everytime I get the balls in the gaps cleared i try to aim as best possible to get to locks but it isn’t happening. I agree with some, i am getting really tired of this level. However i love the game, but this level takes my lives quickly. Some of the tips were great but even what i am reading the Charm of Percision doesn’t work ! I am not looking for cheats I love the challenges, that is what makes it so fun. But I am looking for all kinds of tips that can help me get passed that row of pain the rear infected balls. Thanks for all your help.

  16. I don’t have morph bubbles under my infected line. Is that a potion that I have to unlock first ? And I have tried to do the sliding pointer as close to lock as possible but my bubbles will not slide over in the least..this is giving me a headache, but still want to conquer it ! Help ! Thank you !

    • Try to clear all the Bubbles under the infection and then slide the bubble next too the lock. Happy Bubbling!

  17. I was stuck on level 55, like everone else for ages….now im stuck on 117. Really hard to get the bubble in beside the lock, Its like it doesnt line up and there is no room for it….I have tried bursting all bubbles under the infected bubbles and using the aiming technique I read here, It has worked ONCE…so I will have to keep practicing! I must have played it 30 times and no luck so far ! Knocked all bubbles down only once but didnt get the star….aaaarrrr !

    • At least you know it works, as you got it once. After getting once, there is ony VICTORY to look forward too. ;-)

  18. How do I get through the third level of level 170.? Help, this one is the worst for me. I have only extended aim and 2 bomb disarm. I am trying to do it as close to not buying charms as I can.

    • You can buy them with real money(PayPal, Credit Card, Gift cards etc…) or do surveys from within the game to get them. You CAN NOT get FB Credits by liking a lot of suspicious pages. There are nothing real about the spam messages that you will encounter that states 2000 FREE FB Credits or something like that.

  19. Thanks for the hint, I now can get rid of the chain and have done this quite a few times now gone on to clear the top row but I have no way near a good enough score to get even one star. :( Starting to get very frustrated!!!

  20. I passed level 117 after purchasing extra bubbles. I got up to level 120 and then I got back to level 117. I sent message to king.com and I get message back that I have to contact king.com!!! Can anyone help?

    • I have a feeling that King.Com can’t do anything from their place. The easiest way to fix this is to try to play the levels again and go from there.

  21. I have done exactly what you said and aimed exactly at the same point, and it just doesn’t work! The bubble doesn’t slip in. I am so frustrated!

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  24. I cannot get past this level. I line up the bubbles like the picture posted, and it still doesn’t always go in to unlock. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any reason it doesn’t go in sometimes. There are no bubbles under the infection bubbles. Frustrated! Help!

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