Level 12 is good for 1 star only

Starting Bubbles: 47

With careful aiming it is possible to get 1 star almost every time you play level 12, but IMHO it takes at least 2 Magic Potions to get 3 stars. The golden Spider Potion and the potion that gives you 7 extra bubbles in the beginning of the game. When you have played level 11 for the first time, you sadly probably haven’t any potions. But the 3 stars is good to save for later on to be collected with a little magic potion help. :)

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4 thoughts on “Level 12 is good for 1 star only

  1. I should have read this 7 lives ago. I’m on mid-80’s level, and going back to earn more stars until I can afford to buy some coins with $. I’ve tried to get 2 stars over and over again on this level; Bye bye 12. Never coming back to you! On to – uh oh – level 13.

    • If you had read 7 lives ago, you might just would have used those 7 lives anyway trying to prove me wrong. ;) But it is really a nerve saver to move on.

  2. omg, i actually did it! i got 2 stars on lvl 12! it took me at least a week, and numerous lives, and i finally just had to use both power ups, but i did it! It’s possible :D Good luck everybody!

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