Level 130 – Don’t give up!

NEWS May 24, 2012: LEVEL 130 HAVE CHANGED!!!

Here is the 3 Star video for 130 as per May 26, 2012
Take your time and buffer up with some lives to train at  level 130 before you buy boosters. You actually might end up using all Boosters except the one for the Yellow Spiders, so training before will save you loads of coins. It is a great level to train your aiming skills! You sure can make this level, even if it feels hard.

And additionally: Break all chains with as few bubbles as possible. You won’t actually need to think about to get green spider at all! The scores will probably be enought if you just make sure that you see the ceiling at last when you have at least 11 bubbles left in the cauldron.

As you can see in the strategy screen cap, the row of Crystal Bubbles is gone, making room for those 9 Stars in the ceiling.

User review for level 130 by Victoria Muller:

I really hate the Morph balls. I have a hopeless memory so what I do is shoot (if I can) normal colours but watch what the colour changes do and write it down. I am so hopeless that I usually have to do that twice to catch the other changer LOL.

Not much more I can tell you except, I had 11 balls left when I reached the last unlock and I still made it through so don’t give up hope.

Charms used: Rainbow (saved one for my last shot), Extra Balls, Extra holes in the ceiling.

Here is a great video walkthrough from skillgaming at Youtube.

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10 thoughts on “Level 130 – Don’t give up!

  1. This would be great, but I have gotten rid of all the bubble below the skulls on both sides before the morphs (infection) gets there and I still can’t see the top of the infection. why are you able to see it and I am not?

  2. i have played this level nearly 40 times now with no success; i am ready to give up. i realize now you cannot let the infection go below the top of the bomb, but even with rainbow i can’t make it work

  3. Ok over a month on this same stupid Level. Will not let me have it. Get a star and ready to clear, the games hangs then I get to see the damn spend money ad. Not to mention having to play it approx 45 more times to get the point where the computer will give you the colors needed and not 40 % of the same color with no where to hit. A month is ridiculous. Time to quit. To bad, really enjoyed the relaxation this game provided.

    • the fast fix for this is topurchase something in the game, that will take away the ads. You could also try different adblockers, but I do not provide support for adblockers, since I have never used one in my entire life. Trying the level in different web browser might also be very effective to get a satisfying solution.

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