Level 130 Picture Walkthrough by Patti

Strategy Tips and Pics by Patti Frazier-Laundree

This a tricky level. There is much you can not see. I have gone through the different screens to give you an idea of what to expect. Do not expect to pass the first time, you need to get a feel for it. You do not have to do these exact steps in the same order. This is what worked out for this game. A lot depends on your layout of bubbles and colors. After a couple of games you will get a feel for it. Do not get the 3 extra holes in the ceiling as you have a bomb near top and it could be ignited. 

Pic 1: As you can see by the markings there is a little bit of everything. The doom bubbles are marked in red. I circled the first bomb, mystery bubble and doom bubble cluster on left. What you don’t see are the two infection bubbles that are on each side a bit above the top of doom bubbles. You have a lot of room to drop your bomb combo and work your way up to doom bubbles without hitting them. Make sure you do not hit clusters that extend beyond your field of vision you could ignite an unseen bomb. Clear at least the bubbles beneath the bomb cluster. If the infection touches the bomb before you can drop just clear as many bubbles away as possible to contain the spread, all the while trying to stop the infection from progressing on the right and clearing the center bubbles. After dropping your bomb cluster and clearing out lower bubbles your screen will drop. Focus and take your time.
Pic 2: The left line of infection bubbles and the bomb combo have been dropped as well as the single doom bubbles. The second strand of infection bubbles on right are seen running alongside the original line of doom bubbles. Now there is a 2nd bomb cluster circled off center to right. There is another doom bubble at top as well as a diagonal line from the left. The 3rd strand of infection is now seen and runs alongside doom bubbles. You need to retain the infection by clearing any remaining bubbles below it which has already been down in this photo. The main objective now is to drop the bomb cluster and the screen will drop.

 Pic 3: The 2nd bomb cluster, doom bubbles and infection 2 have been dropped. You now see a new semi circle of doom bubbles on right and your 3rd bomb cluster is on left. Drop your bomb cluster. Clear bubbles up middle to drop doom bubbles.

Pic 4: 3rd bomb cluster, 3rd infection with doom bubbles left has been dropped. Now the ceiling appears. Drop remaining ceiling avoiding the doom bubbles.

3 Star video by the Blogging Witches

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