Level 136

Fake pr0n for level 136 in Bubble Witch Saga

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a fake pic.

Part of content moved to waiting post for level 146.

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- The Founder of Blogging Witches Network! "I started late 2011 when the awesome Bubble Witch Saga became my first true love at FB." Pet Rescue Saga is my current favorite. I have a strong feeling that Odus the owl from the Candy Crush Saga DREAMLANDS will end up at my dinner table soon as the eatable drunk devil he is!

15 thoughts on “Level 136


    Ich spiele Buble witch saga und bin in der level 135. aber die Level 136 wird nicht geöffnet. Weshalb?

    • King.Com have decided not to launch any new levels at this time. We all hope there will be more levels soon. :)

  2. can you please do more levels after 135 im really upset and getting withdrawel symptoms plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. slm 135 i geçtim ama 136 nolu bölüm açılmadı ne yapmam gerekiyor lütfen yardım edin :)))

    • completed level 135 and still have 21 facebook credits, will these be refunded ?

      • It is probably not worth bothering? But depending on how you paid for them, you could get them back. As an example; Credit Card payments gives a much better refund policy than Paypal, when we are talking about virtual things.

        Facebook coins are valuable currency in ALL facebook apps and games. Facebook doesn’t allow app makers to have their own REAL-MONEY currencies without going through facebook.

        If I was you I would save those creds until Thursday and buy some extra bubbles, lives or 50 000 coins, when the next levels are launched.

        You can use the Facebook Payment Support center if you want to get the
        answer that matches your payment method best.

  4. espero que cuando ceen mas niveles los que hemos superado el 135 y nos hemos quedado ahi nos pasen automaticamente al 136 y no nos hagan volver a superar el 135 con lo dificil que me fue hacerlo

    Google Translation; I hope that when there is more levels that if we have exceeded the 135 and we stayed there we pass automatically to the 136 and that they not make us return to exceed the 135 with me how difficult it was to make

  5. bubble witch sagada 135 inci bölüm geçtikden sonra neden devamı gelmiyor acabaa

    Google translate: After passing the 135 th episode of witch Sagada bubble does not cause more acabaa

    • No, there is not yet more acabaa after 135. (Silently wondering what is an acabaa…? But I am sure that is something we want! 8))

  6. Level 136 HAS ARRIVED! Only now. I just reached 135 2 hours ago, came home logged in and the nest section of the map is open!

  7. Finally level 136 came!! But… do we have to purchase that thingy that stops the bombs? I cant pass the level without it since the bombs are hidden behind those black bubbles.. :(