Level 141 with a safe spot for aiming

Stats for 141
Bomb Bubble 2 Bomb Bubbles Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles(1 chains)

Useful Charms for 3 Stars tipsed by Sebastian Ramirez: Charm of Insurance, Charm of Webbing, Charm of Fortune Spiders, Charm of Scrolling, Charm of Shielded Spiders

I have been used to get the Magic Potion 3 extra holes in the ceiling for almost any level, but for level 141 it is not a good idea at all! The Bombs near the ceiling will go off after unlocking the chain, if there is a hole in the ceiling near them! So DO NOT use the +3 holes in the ceiling Potion!!!

I found out an easy spot to remember for aiming safely at the left side locked bubble. You place your mouse pointer at the lower cross point for the twig and the pole in the background. Never fails!

Please watch these video walkthroughs by Sebastian Ramirez to get additional hints on level 141. The Upper video is a really skilled game for almost 3 Stars, without Charms, the second one makes the level look really, really easy, where he does 3 Stars with a little help of Charms.

2 thoughts on “Level 141 with a safe spot for aiming

  1. I have reached Level 141 and was using side shots to have the bubbles slide in to the ones we have to open to move up. The other day I would get a message that I hit a doom bubble even tho the bubble sort of just slid into position. This is so frustrating that I feel like there is no chance to ever get past this level. Is there a trick in order to not hit or come close to doom bubbles and open the chain????? I am about to stop playing altogether.

    • No tricks, I am so sorry. You can by a Charm for that though, or use any available cheat or Plugin, but this website do not share cheats that hurts the game.

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