Level 142 – Don’t mess with the Morps

Following tips are published with permission of and written by Rory Violett.

“For the 1st half, don’t worry too much about the virus balls. Just clear out as much as you can to get to the balls that change colors that are holding up both of the virus strands on the side….DO NOT mess up on the changing color balls though when trying to drop the sides.

Next is the solution, try not to open any of the crystal balls on the sides before you knock down the row of doom bubbles or the virus will spread too much.

Once you get the dooms down by angle shots, just focus on going up the middle working out to the sides BUT make sure you don’t let the top virus section get too long or you cant see the top…by not breaking the crystals too early.

I have tried this level over and over and is is one of teh few I have left where I can’t get 3 stars on no matter on what I try. GOOD LUCK :)”

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