Level 144 – use the walls to succeed!

When you attend level 144, you’ll will see the ghost lock chain at once. While it is tempting trying to unlock the chain, you should have patience and bounce your bubbles from the cauldron off the walls to reach the space filled with bubbles that are above the row Infected Bubbles. (See strategy picture) You’ll need to burst those bubbles above the infection before you unlock the chain, so you won’t have a gigantic infection that you can’t get rid of.

You can watch a video walkthrough if you need some examples of level 144.

from skillgaming

from cengiz şahin

from dieWebservistenGames

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2 thoughts on “Level 144 – use the walls to succeed!

  1. Do you have videos or explanations of the levels on smart phones without the use of charms? I’ve reached this level without using any charms and don’t want to pay a fortune to continue. Your video examples look so easy compared with the game I play!

    • I looked into making screencasts on phones and iPads and unfortunately the options are very few, the good options costs lots of money, so as this is only a hobby I haven’t yet invested in any screencast program for mobile devices.

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