Level 155 – Check, ALREADY PLAYED?! Is there going to be a level 156?

You can play earlier levels to get more Stars and Achievements though. :)

Still some space on the map
So… Is there room for more levels?
Do we want more levels?

Where do you think it would be good to place more levels?

Or maybe it would be a good idea for King.Com to end this game here and develope a Bubble Witch Saga 2?

Here is the last(forever last???, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Can’t be!!!) video made by skillgaming, it is level 155. Enjoy.

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18 thoughts on “Level 155 – Check, ALREADY PLAYED?! Is there going to be a level 156?

  1. I loved playing BWS. BUT I was so annoyed at the lack of communication to the players about when new levels would be up. Also ALL THE LEVELS SHOULD have been developed before launching the game! Like other games are! Now players are waiting to find out about Level 156. Is there going to be an answer from Admin????

    If I had known all these issues at the beginning I would never had started to play!

  2. I have completed Level 155. Now what? If this is the end of the game there should be something exciting like going over a waterfall and through a rainbow with a sign saying “The End”. If it’s not over…I’m ready to continue on.

    • Hi Debbie, I also finished level 155, but I can see a new land emerging, probably next to level 84, in the water, lots of witches there! Probably need more stars, of just more patience?

  3. I too hope there will be more levels QUESTION:- Why do some of the levels have the ghosts floating up and the fireworks exploding out of the cauldron. I can’t find any reason for it? !!!

    • If I understand you correctly, you mean the ghosts that floats up when you finish a level? I am not sure if there is anything special about those. I have considered them as pure artwork until now, but how you got me thinking! What IF there are Easter eggs in the game, it would be so neat to figure out!

  4. people Ii am just visitor to this site i think the blogging witches post here to help people with levels not to here you complaine please help those witches and complain tt the developers me to want more level and a lot of game on Fb are not finish i would say o dear witches you have wanderful site i am so happy i foud you you help me o lot to pass all level thank you for you site

    • There should be ½ the bubbles coming out from the cauldron in the end. I don’t have the SpiderWeb, but I’ll ask in the group and get back to you if someone have a tips. Or if any luck, somebody answers you directly here. :)

    • Ewa W(She has a Hoop De Loop Group!) can tell you this about her findings with the Charm of Webbing: “When you suspect the drop is going to be your biggest drop of bubbles. I was leaving the usage to the end when i have 10 yellow or 8 yellow + 2 green spiders but than not much bobble left to be drop so i was sorry I didn’t not use it earlier.”

    • Tips from KellyK:

      I *always* save the webbing for the last few shots, keeping an eye on the score-graph at the bottom right. Sometimes on a really tough level that I’ve played several times I’ll get to the top, make sure I have or have the potential for green spiders, then activate the webbing and ‘buy’ 10 more bubbles with facebook coins. That usually gets me thru. Buying the extra bubbles is best for my blood pressure!

  5. Hola, he completado el nivel 155 y me dice que tengo que visitar a la Baronesa, recorrer las tierras y ganar cada desafío para liberar las tierras. ¿ Donde está la Baronesa? ¿A que se refiere con recorrer las tierras? No me deja avanzar por ningún lugar del mapa, y hay una zona en la parte izquierda en las que hay fantasmas, pero no puedo acceder a ellos. ¿Podrían ayudarme? Gracias, un saludo.

    English by Google Translate: Hello, I have completed level 155 and tells me I have to visit the Baroness, land cover and win every challenge to free land. Where is the Baroness? What is meant by land cover? Me back for any location on the map, and there is an area on the left side where there are ghosts, but I can not access them. Can you help? Thank you, greetings.

  6. Finished L155 3 times in the hope there might be more than such an abrupt and non-info. ending. Gotta say thank you to this site and admin especially, as I doubt I would’ve carried on through the difficult bits if not for them. King.com take note, this is where we go, The BWS Fan Site for tips, info. & help, so keep them informed!
    Now let’s hope if they want to keep making money they will pull their fingers out! :0)

  7. Played new level 156 today but there were issues with the game locking up all the time, but seems to be okay now. Level 157 more challenging…hoping a post will be made as to how to defeat it. I know you should at least get the 3 extra stars and maybe even the rainbow ball too. Have to work around a skull and angle shots to get the extra star which makes it challenging. Did not finish any of the levels in eternal isles, nor did any of my friends that play, levels too hard and would require charms, which we do not play with, just our own skill. They should consider reformatting those levels a bit before they keep adding and what is with level 8? how do you get the pass??? Well back to the game, enjoy all!

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