Level 155 – no need to panic.

Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles(1 chains)

level-155-Stopped-Bomb, strategy picture

Strategy Picture 1 for lvl 155

It is the lower part of level 155 that troubles all of you the most, so this post will just concentrate on that part. When you have unlocked the Ghost Chain it will be just happy popping, so I think that you’ll manage that by your own. ;-)

as in strategy picture 1.

The hot spot for aimin’ correctly at the locked bubbles at lvl 155 are in the blue circle. The ball will fly slightly Different from where you keep your mouse, but I found it easiest to keep the mouse pointer at the hotspot where my drawn line cross the chain. You can actually count the parts in the chain to get it right, if you want to. :)

Additional Tips by Carol-Ann Yard:
Thanks here to Caz & to Julie who confirmed this:
Potions Used – 3 holes, 7 extra bubbles & rainbow bubbles
1) forget about clearing the ??????in the black bubble triangle – don’t waste any bubbles on clicking on them; instead concentrate opening the locks first with the help of rainbow bubbles which you should have all by now have gotten
2) Concentrate on clearing bubbles on top of triangle which will move up closer towards ceiling
3) Don’t get taken in by clicking on ???? on bubbles once this has been done – sure it can help but if u hit a bomb bubble???? then not good good as it wastes bubbles.
I’m not saying this is guaranteed way of working but it did work for me after 20+ goes :).

Here is a video for two Stars, where there is a different hot spot in use, as I got a Bomb that I had to seal of. I also got 3 Spiders in this vid, that is quite unusual.

2 thoughts on “Level 155 – no need to panic.

  1. This level is extremely difficult using an iPhone. The ‘hot spot’ isn’t necessarily where you say it is – it seems to keep changing – and the second part of the game is just as difficult as the first – no ‘happy popping’ when most bubbles are diseased

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