Level 168 – Full guide by Sebastian and Mainewil

Kisses and hugs to the contributors for this Level 168 walkthrough: Sebastian Ramirez & Patti Frazier-Laundree(coordinator).

// Mainewil
Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Video | general tips for Shadow Levels

Level 168 have 3 rounds, as all the other Shadow Lord levels.

Recommended Potions: 3 holes in the ceiling, Rainbow Bubbles, and 7 extra Bubbles.
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 270 000, 365 000, 455 000
Charms: Precision Charm, Charm of Foresight, Charm of Webbing and Charm of Salvation.

Tips by Sebastian Ramirez: Is a level that has no secrets, no special tricks required: just as in the previous levels, you should try to remove the bubbles as fast as possible shade avoiding the minimum spread of the same. Pay special attention to the aim, the level has a lot of Doom Skull Bubbles that will try to make you lose

Good luck to all!

Level 168 – Round 1

Full layout part 1 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Full layout part 1 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Starting Bubbles: 60
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Doom Skull Bubbles, Infection Bubbles

168-1To minimize the damage done by the shadow bubbles, I start out with aiming to burst bubbles in the middle, as the gloom spreads from a centered point. When you have bursted enough bubbles from the bottom of the round, you come to the part in the Pic for Level 168-1 and can see the ceiling.

Ending, round 1; only half the bubbles came out from the cauldron.

Level 168 – Round 2

Full layout part 2 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Full layout part 2 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Starting Bubbles: 60
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Doom Skull Bubbles

168-2-ceilingWhen you have cleared a bit of bubbles at the bottom you will notice that you got heaps of shadow bubbles at both sides. Don’t use the rainbow bubbles yet, as you want to save them up for the third round. If you have to shoot a miss, focus on shooting it to attach itself in the middle, where the gloom have no effect. When you see the ceiling(Picture 168-2), keep a tight eye on the gloom and count the shadow bubbles before you burst any shadow clusters


Level 168 – Round 3

Full layout part 3 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Full layout part 3 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Starting Bubbles: 75
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Doom Skull Bubbles,  Infected Bubbles

If virus have spread to the lower skulls, Use a saved Rainbow Bubble to drop the big cluster of skulls and virus bubbles on loads of spiders! Also see the Aiming Hot Spot Pic below (by Sebastian) for help with this.

The infection runs down a triangle of Doom Bubbles. If the virus attach itself(and this might actually be a good strategy for one side, as you don’t have infinitive bubbles in the cauldron)… Then It is so good to have a spare RB bubble or two, if your usage of the shadow bubbles didn’t include letting them keep the virus off.



168-3, the ceiling







Shoot all the lower bubbles to get to the ceiling point as in this picture. Don’t forget to use your saved RB Bubbles(or Charms) to gain some extra green Spiders for a higher score.


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2 thoughts on “Level 168 – Full guide by Sebastian and Mainewil

  1. Great… But what I have to do when I don’t all of this upgrades, like super aiming etc…. I see You have most of them activated on the roght bar….. It is for real money to buy, and I don’t want to spend a money for game like this….

    I made a 280K points after 2nd round on level 168 and I thougt it would be the end, but I had to play 3rd round too, and I failed it…

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