Bubble Witch Saga Level 171 in the Village Cottage

Bubble Witch Saga Level 171

Active Charms in the first video: Charm of Plenty, Charm of Shielded Spiders:

Starting Bubbles: 40
Recommended Potions: 7 extra bubbles, 3 holes in the ceiling
Useful Charms: Precision, Webbing optional
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 70 000, 85 000, 115 000
Special bubbles: Shadow bubbles, Infection bubbles.

Pic 171a: First screen shows ceiling and bubbles in diagonal columns of same colors. There are two shadow bubbles circled in yellow at top in middle and two infection bubbles circled in white on top at either side. If color of bubbles match go up either side of shadow bubbles as shown by green lines. Then shoot up columns to stop infection. Tip: You can drop ceiling quickly here but don’t. You’re score will not be high enough for a star. Shoot outer bubbles that don’t touch ceiling and clusters under the infection bubbles. Will increase points and spiders. 

Pic 171b: Shadow and infection bubbles have been stopped. Shoot corner cluster not touching ceiling and cluster under infection bubbles before dropping ceiling to increase points and spiders.

Active Charms in the second video: Charm of Magic


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