Level 200, Aiming Pic and strategy Tips

Bubble Witch Saga Level 200

Aiming HotSpot for Level 200

Starting Bubbles: 30
Recommended Potions: +7 Bubbles, +3 holes in the ceiling, RB Bubble
Useful Charms: Charm of Plenty, Charm of Shielded Spiders
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 80 000, 100 000, 130 000
Special bubbles: Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles (1 chain),yellow-spider-bubble Spider Bubbles,Obstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles

Strategy for level 200: Start the level by unlocking the Chain very fast. You can shoot a small gap in the middle, if the right bubbles come along, but your main fcus need to be to unlock the chain, even if that means loosing some bursts.

After unlocking the chain burst away the shadows as soon as possible, otherwise they’ll eat all your bubbles from the cauldron(Pic 200 A). When you have a suitable gap in the ceiling and 10 spiders at the bottom, shoot one RB Bubble into the ceiling or into black bubbles to get one more green spider(Pic 200 B).

Howto make green Spiders, guide

DO NOT SHOOT POISON BUBBLES! The Spiders at the bottom disappear really rapidly if you let the spider bubbles spit their poison. As the spider bubbles are located so low as they are and in diagonal rows, the have no mercy whatsoever. Especially if you have the Charm of Shielded Spiders, you gain by missing on purpose rather than let the Spider Bubbles do their evil tricks.

Here you see Jorge Valenzuela Meléndez play level 200 like a real pro!

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5 thoughts on “Level 200, Aiming Pic and strategy Tips

  1. Level 200 – I’ve tried all the tips, i.e. using all 4 potions at once, RB/ceiling/extra shots and even bought the spider webs. I still cannot get enough points to get a star. Must have tried a hundred times with no extras and about 20 or more times using the extras. Will Morris ever offer to let me by? Also the only way I can get the rainbow marble is to buy it with my coins which gives me 3 marbles. I notice other players on the you-tube videos have the marble on the right top of the screen. Mine only appears on the left once I buy it, and is gone after 3 uses. Do I need more stars or what? I have 280 stars. Thanks for any words of advice.

    • The Youtube videos have been made before King.Com changed the place of the Rainbow Bubble in the game. It is the same for all, we get to play the game 3 times and then we need a refill for the rainbow bubbles.
      Morris will probably let you buy your way through the level within a week or so.

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