Level 214 have been made into a really painful Level!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 214

This is quite a trick they did from King.Com’s side! Level 214 was a nice level,

but then with the Halloween update someone in the Bubble Witch Saga team apparently didn’t get enough candy and decided to trick us REAL good with level 214 and level 215 adding nasty obstacles. The old level 214 seen in miniature –>

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by  Teresa Atkinson.
Starting Bubbles: 50
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 60,000, 85,000, 100,000
Recommended Potions: 3 holes in the ceiling, Rainbow bubbles, 7 extra bubbles
Useful Charms: Precision and antidote (optional), Charm of Salvation to drop the skull row in the beginning.
Special bubbles: Doom-red, 6 bombs-yellow, shadow-burgandy, virus-white, crystal-blue.

Pic a: You have a triangle of doom bubbles with a shadow bubble inside at the top. Crystal bubbles either side of the bottom row of doom. 6 bombs (3 on each side) and virus bubbles at the top of the screen in the centre.

Start the Level by removing the Crystals beside the skull row, then make gaps beside the skull row and ABOVE it. Drop the skull row.

Carefully take out one side at a time because of the bombs, beware of the virus bubbles moving down the sides of the doom. You need to stop it before it reaches the bottom doom bubbles. Once you have one side taken out, remove the bubbles from the other side being careful of the bombs.

Pic b: Now you have cleared both sides you can see the ceiling and remaining virus bubbles. Carefully clear your way up to the ceiling try to avoid the remaining bombs until you know you can drop them. It is important here to collect green spiders before you drop the ceiling for maximum score. 

3 stars

Level walkthrough for Level 214 with No Charms

Level walkthrough for Level 214 with Charms

Level walkthrough for Level 214 with a Charm account, but all the Charm have been turned off and aren’t used

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59 thoughts on “Level 214 have been made into a really painful Level!

  1. I’ve given up, its impossible, if they are going to make them impossible, why bother, everyone will go play something else, its just designed to make you buy charms and all the extras.

      • So its no longer a game to show skills but just a pure lottery and a bit less lottery if you spend huge amounts of money to buy this or that. Countless numbers of times I have been shooting 15 or 20 shots without getting that one color needed to get further. No this one really has taken away my joy of playing this realising that one has become a moneymachine only. I do not mind occasionally buy a new life or something extra. but in this case buying extra life would really be waste of money as what you need is just the luck to get the right color.

      • I rarely give up on anything but there are just too many elements making the level difficult. Fungus, skulls, crystals, bombs, shadow bubbles, no room to move and not enough bubbles to play with.

        I won’t give up yet, because I enjoy it, but I will leave it for a while because it’s getting tedious.

        There have been other difficult levels, but I never minded those because I always felt ‘next time I’ll get it’, This has a hopeless feel about it. :(

  2. Yeah, if you’re lucky, it will happen on the thousandth try. This game is tuned for players who have the charms. If you don’t buy charms, you are playing a viscous game of luck and no matter how good you are at making the shots, you will lose again and again because the game didn’t give you the right colors at the right time. Game is a joke and the design team sucks.

    • Yup, just tired of it, frankly i’m not going to continue with a game that takes weeks to pass a level that been intentionally made harder and notice the huge upswing of buy this and that. People i know already stopping playing as the 211 onwards has become just plain evil and frankly bored them them to tears with inability to pass.

    • Agree. I have noted that if you do not win in the lottery, ie you are not able to stop the virus before a bomb goes off then you can’t stop the virus because you have to deal with the bomb and if you deal w the bomb then the virus is far beyong the bottom line. So when the game is loaded and you see that you cannot stop the virus then its just to give up right awat because you have no chance. UNLESS of course you open your money bag and buy a whole bunch of charms etc.

  3. Ha – so now they found another way to earn money on level 214. You can pay your way out if you got tiered! No way I will spend another nickel on this!! Fortune had those who managed to pass before halloween!

  4. This is impossible and I’m getting really bored. I think I’ll give it a rest for a few weeks and come back to it.

      • Ok, I noticed your encouragement to keep on trying with a hint that perhaps there was a little holiday dust around to help matters.

        Unfortunately I’m no nearer to clearing this level than I ever was. The crystal bubbles are the biggest problem I think. It takes too long to wipe them out before the fungus stops the skulls from being cleared.

        Perhaps if you tried out this level for yourselves you might see what I mean.

        Anyway, I won’t give up. I’m no quitter, I’ll just take longer breaks between games to stop the frustration.

        • I have played the level with and without charms myself. The non charm account had to use about 40 lives before it passed Level 214.

        • So it can be done then. I have your word on that? :)

          I hate this level. Really, really hate it. It’s the first time I’ve even considered giving up, however, I would complain more if it was too easy.

          Back to it then. :)

        • Yes, you have my word. It can be done. You aren’t gonna like level 214 any more after it is done though. You are probably not gonna open it again for a very very long time. I wouldn’t have either, but the guide by Teresa had to be proofread and tested, so I have played it through a few more additional times, but no. I am never gonna like this level!

        • it’s the luck of the draw whether you win or not, same for levels 213 and 215. I used my rainbow bubble to burst through the crystal bubbles in the beginning …. but you still have to have good color strands to knock them out fast. Level 215 is a bore and takes too long before you realize that you are running out of bubbles … I actually prefer level 214 only because it takes little time before you know death is imminent

  5. and if you are lucky enough to get the right color combinations, skilled enough to drop the bombs before exploding, and blessed with enough bubbles left to clear the ceiling, chances are you won’t have enough points to earn a star and complete the level anyway ….

    why, BW, why, what misery did we impose on you …

  6. desisti tbm é muito intediante ficar semanas tentando passar a porcaria da 214 sabendo que ela foi feita assim para que nós jogadores comprar efeito assim.

  7. yes, i believe either the new holiday motif has given me luck or BW has relented on the torture required to complete this level …. or perhaps a bit of both

  8. So I have now made my last click on BW. It was fun as long as it lasted, ie level 213 but now I have given up. The “new-motif-luck” did not reach me . Having spent some EUR 60 on this game is with hindsight quite sad. Good luck to the rest of you!

  9. I do believe the admin when they say this level can be beaten without charms, however, it seems I don’t possess the skills required to do so. :(

    I’ve now used hundreds of lives without any progress whatsoever. I would probably carry on, but hearing that the next level is worse I going to delete the game to ensure that I don’t go bald.

    BW is a great game though. :)

  10. A lot of moaning about 214. It is hard, but it is meant to be. I don’t pay for anything, so who am I to complain about a commercial enterprise trying to squeeze a quid out of me. Think it would be too easy and boring with all those charms anyway.

    • The problem is that the level is hard for all the wrong reasons. It’s almost entirely about luck. That’s why everyone is complaining– the level design is just terrible. As someone already stated, this game is tuned for those who have charms.

  11. I never spent money for games and I will never spend any cent for any game in the world. I am playing Bubble Witch saga and Candy Crush on FB. There were some levels in Candy Crush that were made so difficult and that almost force me to give up. But, after some weeks, the stuff changed the parameters of the game and the levels became easily to complete without buying charms, but BWS never do that. Firstly, I thought that Bubble Witch will never force us to buy charms, because it`s not fair. It must be my choice: I want to pay to ease my job or I want to try again and again to rise up my self esteem, to know that all levels were completed by myself with my hard work and no tricks. But I was very disappointed to discover that my favorite game applies to such a humiliating option to make money. It`s very frustrating to see how with money you can do anything you want. But really, what`s the point? You play a game because you like it, why to spend money to pass a level? Where`s the joy of playing that game? Anyway, it MUST be an option, not an imposition! Today, December 20 I finally completed level 214 without paying any money, without buying any charm! And believe me, it was only luck!
    Sorry for grammar mistakes, I am not a native English speaker. Good luck with the game!

    • Congrats for beatin’ Level 214! Your English is as perfect as needed, one of the reasons this site originally was set up for was for me to learn English and Bubble Witch Saga have indeed helped me with that. English is my third language.

      I am a bit curious though. If the developers aren’t supposed to make games that people pay for, how should they finance the development of games?

      • revenue comes through the advertisers that spend money to advertise on a popular, well-liked game …. I think BW’s plan to make levels more difficult is going to back-fire, as there are many more unhappy BW fans out there … advertisers don’t like seeing the numbers going down and the complaints going up.

        • besides, if I am happy and excited with the game and developers, I am much more likely to purchase a charm or two. However, lately I have been feeling bitter about the unfairness of BW changing the levels midstream.

        • Does the developers money come through advertisement, or is it the opposite. I’m pretty sure it is the developers paying to have the games on Facecrook etc.,

          You go on to say “besides, if I am happy and excited with the game and developers, I am much more likely to purchase a charm or two”

          Forgive for saying this, but it could be argued that you are only happy and excited when it is easy and free.

          Developers don’t mind people playing free, they rely on the friends you introduce to the game that may be willing to pay.

          one tip, though I am sure you already know, the rainbow bubbles etc., purchased with the free coins earned/given, don’t use them when you are struggling, wait til you know the level and are achieving near misses at completing the level.

  12. Lucky to have a lot of levels undone in eternal island. Level 214 is too hard, in my opinion impossible without charms so i don´t bother trying anymore. It´s jyst not fun, and i play for fun. When its not fun anymore there´s no reason to spend time on it. Very simple.

  13. I don’t know what to do to complete this level, it seems near on impossible. I’m not paying to cheat either, so sadly it’s looking like the end of the line for me and BWS too. I enjoy a level of difficulty, but to make it impossible is ridiculous.

  14. exiled londoner, talking about level 215 … this is not a game about skill or craft … it is purely luck or one’s ability to win the lottery … skill only gets you so far in this level. Patience is required (with no guarantee) to wait out BW’s whim to become generous with the set-up. I have played this level so much, that I am beginning to see patterns as to when they use the impossible color patterns and when the colors are set up so one cannot possibly lose … and then there’s the second challenge. I would not attempt this level at all without free coins, as it so relies on the luck of the day, and not one’s progressing in the skill area.

    • Hi sue, if you actually have began to learn the patterns at the level, I suggest that you check out one thingy. There is persistent rumour going around, that i haven’t been able to confirm. Bubblers tells me that you get much better level layouts of you don’t use any Magic potions at all. Can you confirm or deny this, sue? :D

  15. BW pays Facebook … and the advertisers on BW pay Facebook …. and BW is ONLY paid by the players? Really? Seems hard to believe. I would love to know the science of this and how it works. Anybody?

    • There is not much science to it I think. It is the same old “Money talks, bullshit walks”, but with Bubble Witch Saga we are at least having fun while Facebook exploit us poor souls and the game developer! :)

      • For those that think one wins this level through skill, stop fooling yourselves. It is purely the luck of the draw. I finally got beautiful color combinations with matching color shooting bubbles and completed the level with ease. Good luck to all, I hope it comes sooner than mine did.

        • have you got the “lucky” charts to get through 215? I agree with you. Its even worse than 214.

        • Admin: I actually did not try to get through level 215 without 3 potions, as the level is so time-consuming that I did not want to chance a lucky roll and then come out short at the end. The good color combinations seem to come in waves, at least for me. One method worthy of mention: I did complain on the BW fan site and BW replied saying that they would pass it on to the development team. The next day turned out to be my lucky win, pure coincidence or not, I will never know.
          Good luck, Judy, persistence pays in the end (one way or another) :)

        • It have to be coincidence, since any mix of special luck to a players acco have to be made at LIVE server level. I am not sure that they even have implemented any such features in their game for themselves. But I have recorded that for some reason complaining seem to help and puff my own gaming skills as well. :P

  16. Well in spite of my vow to quit, I decided to keep going until I’d used all of my coins.

    Finally managed to clear this level, but I can’t say I enjoyed the last couple of months attempting to do so.

    I’m aware that it was made easier than when I started it, but I still think level 214 is too difficult.

    Hoping the next level will be more enjoyable.

    Sorry for the moaning posts earlier on, I was just so frustrated with it.

  17. I enjoyed playing this game until now. There is no point continuing a game when you can tell from the first second that you should restart it. I spent all 60k gold on rainbow charms but still got to the top only 2 times. And each step the designers offering to take you money. It’s really not fun anymore.

  18. I’ve not been able to pass 214 either, but am curious to know if some number of game plays is required before one can complete this level. Has anyone counted the number of attempts before achieving success?

    I do not see ‘luck’ as a factor in success. While some skill is required (and, if you’ve reached 214, you have acquired skills along the way!), isn’t it likely that BWS developers build in an algorithm that finally allows the right colored balls to appear? Don’t they assume that, at this point in the game, players have hung tough so many times that they won’t bail out at 214?

    I absolutely agree that 214 is not fun, and my enthusiasm is fading fast!

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