Level 215 – two fairly hard rounds

Bubble Witch Saga Level 215

[edit 31/10] This Level have more shadows added in the first round and LOT’S of more shadows added in the second round, plus two more Bombs in the Upper part at round two. The strategies are pretty much the same for Level 215 anyhow. But now it is just so much HARDER to pass! But now, IF you pass, you score better points! :)

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Teresa Atkinson 

Round 1) You have two diagonal rows of doom bubbles, with a shadow bubble in the middle of the screen.
Round 2)
You have a row of doom bubbles bottom, centre. 2 diagonal rows of with 3 boms in each at the bottom and again at the top. 3 shadow bubbles in the centre of screen and a row of doom either side again. In addition there are poison spiders above the doom bubbles.

Starting Bubbles: 90
Recommended Potions: ceiling, extra and rainbow
Useful Charms: Charm of Precision and disarm ( optional )
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 200,000, 280,000, 330,000
Special bubbles:skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles,Obstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles,Bomb Bubble 12 Bomb Bubbles,yellow-spider-bubble Spider Bubbles

 Round 1, Pic a. As you can see try to contain the shadow bubbles by going up through the centre. They are now stuck under the doom bubbles. Next clear the sides, you will find this easierif you lift the game withb one or two bubbles. When you have cleared the sides you have two lines of doom bubbles to remove. carefully clear the two sets of doom.


Round 1, Pic b

Now you have removed the two rows of doom bubbles you can see the ceiling, carefully work your way around the remaining doom bubbles and clear the ceiling.


Round 2, Pic a

Only take one side out at a time as shown in the pic. This gives you a better chance of clearing the bombs before they detonate. Once you clear one side it makes it easier to take out the other. Clear up to the rows of doom. You really need to be careful on this next step. Chip away carefully at the sides so you can remove the doom bubbles on both sides. Look to see where the colour you are taking out leads to before you do it and also try not to touch too many shadow bubbles to save on your bubbles.

Round 2, Pic b

Once you have removed the doom bubbles from the sides you can see the ceiling, there is a lot of shadow bubbles now and 6 more bombs. Plan your moves carefully and keep an eye on how many bubbles you have left in the cauldron. use any remaining rainbow bubbles to get green spiders before you drop that ceiling. 3 stars.

Video Walkthrough with No Potions at all in use! Bubble Witch Saga Level 215
Round 2 Starts at 4:05
Charms in Use was Charm of Plenty, Charm of Fortune Spiders, Charm of Shielded Spiders,
Charm of Precision and Charm of Foresight

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9 thoughts on “Level 215 – two fairly hard rounds

  1. I’ve been working on level 215 for a week now, but just today, there have been more than 1 shadow bubble from the start. I think 3 are showing up from the beginning

      • Has any “normal” person passed this new harder level without using any charms? :/ I seem to run out of bubbles during the second round every time.

        • haha, REVENGE! I have just been asked to rate bw, and I gave an honest answer, having been stuck on level 215 for eons and watching with dismay all my friends move on ahead (they having completed 215 before the more difficult level was incorporated or paying to pass) and I feel no sympathy for you, bw! haha!! (but this fan site is great)

        • Me too!
          Level 215 will cost BW my friendship.
          215 is so ridiculous!
          Charms or $$ should not be required to pass a level, they should just make it easier.

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