Level 222

Bubble Witch Saga Level 222

Starting Bubbles: 100
Recommended Potions; rainbow and extra (do not use ceiling holes)
Useful Charms: Precision,
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 80,000, 105,000, 230000
Special bubbles: Doom – red, mystery – pink, 3 bombs – blue, shadow – white, virus – green
Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Teresa Atkinson

Cluster of domm centre bottom, a shadow bubble on each side. Two mystery bubbles on each side wall with a virus bubble on them. There is a bomb in the doom bubbles in the middle of the screen and two bombs further up also with doom bubbles.


pic a – Try to cut the virus bubbles off at the sides, then clear the sides up and around the cluster of doom at the bottom so you can drop it. Next continue working up the sides and go around the next set of doom and bomb until you can drop them. Drop centre so the screen drops and you can see the ceiling.


pic b Carefully work your way up around doom and bombs, avoid as many shadow bubbles as possible to save your cauldron bubbles. Drop the ceiling.

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2 thoughts on “Level 222

  1. am I losing it? or are there invisible bombs that I can’t see? A bomb has repeatedly exploded after my ninth shot … and I have not lost any bubbles above the first doom blockade … where are these bombs and why are they going off … I think the level is broke.

    • ignore the above, me bad. I didn’t heed the advice and used the ‘3 holes in the ceiling’ potion, which sets off the bombs that can’t be seen on the ceiling … pooh.

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