Level 225 in bubble Witch Saga has two Rounds

Bubble Witch Saga Level 225

Part 1-Full pic Doom bubbles in rows and clusters, a shadow bubble middle left side and upper right side.

Recommended Potions: extra, ceiling, rainbow
Useful Charms: Precision, disarm (optional)
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 245,000, 305,000, 345,000
Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Teresa Atkinson

Round 1, Level 225
Starting Bubbles: 85
Special bubbles:
skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles
Obstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles

Pic 1 a: Clear the sides trying to avoid the doom bubbles. Take out the left side first to contain the shadow. Work through the bottom part avoiding the doom bubbles, when you have cleared enough drop them. By the time you are clearing the right side the shadow will have spread.

Pic 1 b: Once you can see the ceiling, you will notice the doom in your way on the left and the shadow bubbes spread on the right. Keep an eye on how many bubbles you have left in the cauldron when hitting the shadow bubbles. Work your way through, trying to stay in the middle and drop the ceiling. Green spiders are a good idea here to boost your score.


Round 2, Level 225

Starting Bubbles: 110 000

Special bubbles: Doom – red, shadow – white, 3 bombs – blue, mystery – pink, virus – green, chain with one lock – purple.

Part 2- Full picThere are 2 shadow bubbles on right bottom with doom bubbles and a bomb on top. Another set the same off centre to the left and another set further up on the right. Rows of doom bubbles on both sides and at the top. You also have mystery bubbles scattered around and a virus bubble halfway up on the left hand side. There is a chain with one lock at the top.

Pic 2 a First cut th shadow off on the right side at the bottom. Clear diagonally up left side to cut the virus off whch is working it’s way down. Work up and accross the middle trying not to set off the bombs. Take middle one out first then take out bottom right bomb. By the time the middle bomb has gone you can see the ceiling. Be careful not to hit too many shadow bubbles so you do not lose so many from cauldron, every bubble counts here.

Pic 2 b Clear your way up passed the last bomb and drop it before you open the lock on the chain. Do not worry about clearing the left hand side, you can do this when you open the chain. The more bubbles you can leave here the better the score when the ceiling drops.

This first video represents a Classic Strategy for Level 225, played by skillgaming

…and here is a Charm video for Level 225, that can be found at our very own BubbleWitchSaga Youtube Channel. (Please subscribe!)

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