Level 259

Bubble Witch Saga Level 259

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Patti Frazier-Laundree
Starting Bubbles: 40
Recommended Potions: Rainbow Bubbles, 7 Extra Bubbles, 3 holes Ceiling
Useful Charms: Precision and Disarm (optional)
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 85 000, 105 000, 135 000
Special bubbles:
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubblesskull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull BubblesObstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles
Bomb Bubble 4 Bomb BubblesPatti Level 259a

Pic 259a: There are a pair of bomb son each upper side. A triangular cluster of crystal bubbles are in middle with a shadow bubble in middles, and a doom at each corner as well as middle of each side. There are only two rows of bubbles above line of line of vision without additional obstacles. Start up sides of dooms carefully clearing under bombs as well so not to ignite. Rupture as few crystals as possible as help contain shadow bubbles. Try to Patti Level 259bdrop dooms in middle first and at least one pair of bombs if not both. Try not to ignite bombs unless ready to to drop.

Pic 259b: Ceiling,remaining shadow, and last pair bombs seen. Continue up side without shadows towards ceiling. When use other side hit as few shadows as possible. It is possible to drop ceiling without dropping last pair of bombs.
Video at Youtube, 3 stars by the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga.

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